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2012-01-30 20:41:10

Total Traffic to Top 10 States Drops

San Diego, – Jan. 30, 2012 – Point2 today released its second U.S. International Real Estate Traffic Report, for the fourth quarter of 2011. During the period, Florida was the most attractive state for international visitors, retaining the top spot among all U.S. states, for the second consecutive Point2 report quarter. The study analyzes international traffic to U.S. properties posted on the Point2 Homes consumer real estate listings portal.

Florida attracted 31.04% of all international traffic to the U.S. in Q4, yielding just under 2% of its Q3 share to competing states. Arizona held its position as the second most popular online destination, and increased its share of traffic from 15.15% in Q3, to 19.44%. Nevada also carried over its Q3 spot, holding to third place, with a marginal increase in its share of traffic (8.61% vs. 8.22%).

The top 10 states identified in Point2’s Q3, 2011 report all retained their Top Ten ratings, with the majority holding the same rankings. Only Michigan and Texas traded spots, swapping 7th and 6th place positions, respectively.

Total international traffic to the top ten states saw a significant drop however, decreasing by 23.41% in Q4 vs. the previous quarter, and by 31.59% versus Q4, 2010.

Arizona held up the best, letting off just 1.7% of its total international traffic versus the third quarter. Texas saw the largest drop amongst the top ten, losing 39.27% versus Q3. Georgia, the ninth most attractive state for international traffic, saw a 29.29% drop in visitors. Florida, the lead state, gave up 28.02%.

Figure 1.















Figure 2.











Canadian traffic once again generated the highest number of online visits to all top ten states, with a highlight 93.58% to Arizona, 78.28% to Hawaii and 74.11% to Michigan.

The United Kingdom and Mexico also retained their spots as second and third highest traffic generators to the U.S., in the quarter.

Figure 3.











Figure 4.



















More information, charts and data including the top traffic originating countries for 100 cities in the U.S., can be obtained by downloading the complete report PDF.


The Point2 U.S. International Real Estate Traffic Report is a quarterly study that analyzes online traffic patterns in the United States to identify areas of relative concentrated interest from foreign buyers, and related trends. The analysis is based on unique property listing search and visit occurrences each within a 30 minute period or longer to the Point2 Homes international real estate consumer portal.

Source: Point2

This data and related report(s) may be re-published in part or in whole without modification to the data, with the source indicated as Point2, a real estate marketing solutions provider, at the first mention of the report. The Point2 logo must accompany all publishing of relevant imagery and materials such as maps and charts. Point2 makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data compiled for this report and bears no responsibility for any inaccuracies that may occur. Possible low relative traffic to certain regions on Point2 Homes during the study period may largely influence the results in these areas. For questions, more information or for data interpretation and further analysis or custom reports, please contact Roger Noujeim at

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