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2007-10-24 15:39:00

Top Producer's Market Builder Takes Direct Mail Interactive

Top Producer's Market Builder offers seamless access to direct mail right from your computer!Top Producer®  has announced the release of Market Builder,  an advanced marketing solution that combines high-impact direct mail with the power of the Internet. This automated system offers an ideal platform for REALTORS to attract and follow-up with prospects in their neighborhoods.

Sending postcards to potential clients has always been a common farming tactic among REALTORS. Market Builder extends the promotional power of direct mail by combining it with the immediacy of the Internet, to present agents as local market experts.

Market Builder is a full-time, full service, automated farming system.

Market Builder automatically creates and delivers jumbo postcards on an agent’s behalf, collecting contact information from interested prospects, and following up on a regular basis.

Market Builder allows agents to:

  • send unique, high-impact jumbo postcards personalized with their contact information
  • automatically follow up on responses to their mailings with personalized, relevant, MLS-powered market information
  • automatically populate their contact database with NEW, detailed leads
  • Track results 24/7

Printed with an agent’s contact details and personally addressed to homeowners in a specific neighborhood, Market Builder invites prospective clients to visit a campaign website and enter a unique access code to receive a customized real estate market report.

Market Builder integrates seamlessly with Top Producer’s Market Snapshot, meaning prospects who respond to the direct mail are automatically subscribed to a personalized market summary that showcases their specific property within the local neighborhood.

Through Market Snapshot, Realtors can provide prospects with an automatic real-time market report, populated with information directly from their local MLS. What’s more, when a homeowner responds to a mailing, the agent receives detailed contact information, making it easy to follow up with them personally.

"Top Producer’s Market Builder offers a seamless solution for real estate professionals to engage in regular communication with potential customers," said Errol Samuelson, President of Top Producer. "Prospecting takes a considerable amount of time, resources, and strategy, and that’s exactly where Market Builder comes in: to serve as an effective, automated system for generating new clients”

Market Builder is available as part of a bundle that includes Top Producer Market Snapshot and Top Producer 7i.

About Top Producer Systems

Top Producer Systems is an industry leader in comprehensive customer relationship management and marketing solutions. Top Producer helps real estate professionals provide better service and generate more business. From effective contact and time management, to power prospecting and marketing, to highly-organized listing and closing service, Top Producer applications set the standard for agent productivity and customer service.
Top Producer began marketing its products throughout North America in 1989, and has grown rapidly ever since. In May 2000, the company joined Move, Inc. (formerly Homestore®), the leading online provider of real estate information and decision support tools. Move's first site,, is the official Internet site of the National Association of Realtors and has pioneered the use of the Internet as a channel for buying and selling homes.

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