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2011-03-21 21:53:40

Tips on how brokers and agents can effectively use Lifestyle Search

(Note: This the second part of an article which recently featured SpatialMatch, the Lifestyle and IDX search engine technology for broker and agent web sites).

Here are some of the ways brokers and agents can promote the SpatialMatch map-based platform on their web sites:

- Lead Generation: brokers and agents can individually customize the settings on multiple parts of the search process so that after so many clicks, a user must register to continue or save their results. You can imagine that a user who is actively digging deep into the search platform would be willing to provide their contact information to be able to continue searching for more of the lifestyle preferences they want.

- Home Value Leads: SpatialMatch® has a section of the application for AVM-style home values or CMAs. The agent decides which they prefer in SpatialMatch and for either, users must fill out the contact form for that information. This form goes directly to the agent as a solid lead.

- Early Stage Buyers: by offering SpatialMatch® to early-stage buyers, agents know these prospects will continue to return to the site to narrow down their search as they get closer to making the decision to buy a home. SpatialMatch® tracks usage for each user session and passes that info to the agent.  Users remain engaged and involved with that agent.

- Enhanced SEO: embedding this enormous big-portal-style database on a real estate site improves the search engine optimization potential for higher rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some agents post SpatialMatch pages specific to different topics, such as schools. This display of detailed school information provides volumes of relevant content picked up by the search engines.

- Data Filled Links: when a buyer asks for MLS information about a particular property, an agent can send a link not only with information about the house, but a saved lifestyle search indicating all the amenities that the buyer has expressed an interest in.  This demonstrates an agent’s understanding of their prospect and thereby solidifies a relationship, particularly with early-stage buyers

- Social Networking: to integrate with social media, agents and users have the ability on SpatialMatch to share their search results on Facebook, Twitter, email and other platforms.

SpatialMatch® has received recognition for its innovative technology. It was included as one of the “New Kids On The Block” at the 2010 Inman Real Estate Connect technology conference.

Real estate guru Michale Russer, aka Mr. Internet, who produces the Online Dominance Mentoring Program, recently featured SpatialMatch in an hour-long video.  “I’ve always been on the lookout for those things that can help you stand out from the competition,” he said. “This is one of the coolest services I’ve seen in a long while.”

One of SpatialMatch’s clients who features the lifestyle platform prominently on their site, The GoodLife Team, won the coveted 2010 Innovator of the Year award at the Inman Conference.  “Finally we found a company that understands that a property search is not about how many bedrooms or square feet, but is about the goals of the real estate customer for the lifestyle they want to live. It’s refreshing,” said Jack Miller, CTO with The GoodLife Team.

Realtors recognize the need to provide today’s busy home buyers with the latest tools that helps them make a decision about which home to buy.

“This is the 21st Century. You can’t close transactions today with yesterday’s tools and still be in business tomorrow. A change in the real estate industry is knocking at our door. If you don’t answer it, be prepared to be left behind,” said Edward McAfee, Chief Executive Officer at One Property Source, a new SpatialMatch client. “These new innovations in the industry are going to keep real estate alive.”

Another real estate expert and Inman News contributor, Bernice Ross, wrote in her column about SpatialMatch that successful real estate agents not only need to know their market, they need to be local lifestyle experts as well. “The more hyper-local lifestyle information you give, the more leads you will generate and the more transactions you will close,” she pointed out.


You may have noticed a Lifestyle Search button at RealTown-- This is a live demo of the SpatialMatch® product using all of the listings available at Point2 Homes!  Take it for a test drive ;)

For additional information or to schedule a demo, go to
For an example of how The GoodLife Team displays their lifestyle and IDX search engine, go to

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