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2010-04-26 18:41:07

Tips For Turning Real Estate Website Visitors Into Leads

One thing I preach is the concept of web-centric real estate marketing.  What that means is that you use your real estate website as the hub for your marketing efforts. But, in order to make web-centric real estate marketing as effective as it can be, you have to have something great on your website once a prospect gets there!
Do You Use Compelling Propositions?
A compelling proposition is the "specific reason" noted in the paragraph above.  You need to give prospects a reason to visit your website.  Just putting a web address on a postcard isn't enough motivation.  People just aren't that curious. 
If there is something on your website that a prospect really wants. . .  something that would compel them to visit your website. . . something that would make them delighted to give up their contact information. . . you're in business!
What Does Your Market Consider to be Compelling?
That is always the big, BIG question.  And, the reason why more agents don't use compelling propositions is because putting one together requires WORK.
But, if you're among the multitude of real estate professionals who constantly lament that you have traffic on your website but no leads, you should be getting to the point where you'll admit that the work is worth it.
Some Ideas to Get You Going
1. Identify a unique, valuable and attention-grabbing offer - The best way to set up a real estate website (and your marketing plan) is to identify a target/niche market.  And, if you do that, identifying compelling propositions is much easier.  Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and identify the things that are of most interest to them.
2Create the offer – What form would an offer take? It could be a PDF file containing a report of real interest to your prospects – information they can’t get easily elsewhere – information way beyond the “Six Steps to Buying a Home” mentality. It could be a video you’ve created as a community introduction, or a discussion of a hot real estate topic. It could be almost anything that you can professionally produce and offer in exchange for contact information.
3. Promote the offer – Any type of advertising or promotion you do should drive people to your website, and to an offer they can’t refuse. The promotion should be in your emails, printed material, print advertising, postcards, etc.
Don’t expect people to call you after receiving a postcard or leave their contact information on your website because you look like a nice person. Your website is a non-threatening place for prospects to get to know you, and an offer they can’t refuse will motivate your visitors to turn into leads!
Kathleen Allardyce is the founder of Getting It Write, Inc. The firm specializes in providing Web-Centric Real Estate Marketing services to agents and brokers – a one-stop service that establishes clients as true Internet professionals. Services include developing brands, logos and lead-generating websites. Visit her real estate marketing website, real estate marketing blog, and Point2 Agent real estate website for more info.


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