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2008-10-29 23:17:54

The Ultimate eMail Solution for Real Estate Professionals

In a previous article, I discussed the different eMail protocols available for use in today’s constantly changing eMail environment.

As we continue to use eMail more and more as a communication tool, we find ourselves having to manage multiple accounts (POP and/or IMAP). We might have more than one account because maybe we have one (or more) eMail account from work, and maybe one (or more) from the ISPs we use (maybe one or more at home with our high speed connection) and maybe one (or more) from the Domain we use (our own eMail from There are also those eMail accounts from AOL, G-Mail and Yahoo (and other social networking sites) that (in most instances) are required in order to use (log on and access) their social networking features (groups, communities, blogs).
Logging on to all these different locations is not only time consuming, but it also fragments our communications…., until now.
InternetCrusade (the industry leader in eMail options) is now offering a web interface which allows users to have access to all their eMail. With this web tool, eMail can either be retrieved and/or reviewed with either POP and/or IMAP protocols which allows users to manage and manipulate their eMail communications in one location.
This web tool visually resembles and operates like Outlook with similar look and feel (folder structure). One very cool feature is that the web interface will synchronize with your Outlook (either with POP and/or IMAP) which means all your computers (workstations and/or handhelds including cell phones) will now have access to all your eMail in one place and will be synchronized with one another.
Another major feature is that you can synchronize your Outlook “contacts” and/or “tasks” and/or “calendar” with the web interface and hence, all your computers.
No more searching for which computer has which eMail (sent or received) and/or contact information and/or appointment. You can totally manage (forward, reply, delete, file…) any message just as you would if you used Outlook.
You should seriously consider this necessary tool to help manage your eMail communications and contacts and appointments (calendar) and tasks. Call for a free test drive.
If you have questions about your eMail, don’t hesitate to send questions to or visit the eMail Heaven community on to review other questions and
See you online,
(Mike Barnett is the CTO and VP Technology of InternetCrusade®. InternetCrusade is the creator and provider of e-PRO (NAR’s only technology certification course) as well as the host of, the oldest and most respected social networking site in real estate.  InternetCrusade also manages tens of thousands of eMail accounts representing millions of pieces of eMail on a daily basis.)

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