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2008-04-07 23:04:00

The Three Types of Internet Hosting

When most people hear the word "hosting" in the context of the Internet, their first thought is web site hosting. There are actually three types of hosting. In addition to web hosting, there is domain hosting and e-mail hosting.

In fact, web hosting (storage space for files retrievable through the use of the Internet) is only one aspect of Internet hosting and all three are essential to establishing and maintaining a presence on the Internet.

Each type of hosting has its own value and importance. They are not necessarily tied to one another and different vendors can provide each type of hosting, or the same vendor can provide all three types of hosting. 
Here are some things to look for in choosing an e-mail host.

Your e-mail host should track (log) each e-mail communication (both inbound and outbound).

Your e-mail host should continually monitor all inbound and outbound communication logs looking for new trends or possible intrusions (SPAMMERS).

Your e-mail host should respond quickly to your requests (preferably within 24 hours of the request, both weekdays and weekends). The Internet is open 24/7/365 and when your e-mail is down, it can cause serious stress.

Don’t hesitate to contact your e-mail host if you suspect an e-mail didn’t arrive or didn’t get delivered properly. Normally, by knowing the sender’s e-mail address and the address the e-mail was supposed to be delivered to, the e-mail host should be able to determine the results.

When a delivery issue is determined, your e-mail host should work with you and when appropriate “white list” senders who are having problems delivering e-mail to you.  On the converse, if you are receiving unwanted e-mail, your host should help you with rules to eliminate the unwanted communication either by “black-listing’ the sender or moving their e-mail to special folder or just deleting it.

One of the most important aspects to look for in an e-mail host is that they should have a system that keeps you in the loop. It is one thing to be working on an issue, it is another to keep the customer informed as the progress is under way.

The most important factor to look for in an e-mail host is their customer service. Ask your e-mail host for referrals and references and have them answer all your questions before you move your e-mail hosting to them.

Your e-mail host should be able to provide you a list of customers to which they supply e-mail services so you can contact them for references. Remember, e-mail is the primary form of communication and we should work with a host who understands this and is willing to share with you their other customers for referrals.

Look at your options before making a decision in any one hosting category. For more on domains and hosting, go to

If you have questions about hosting, don’t hesitate to send questions to or visit the e-mail Heaven community on to review other questions and answers.

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(Mike Barnett is the CTO and VP Technology of InternetCrusade®. InternetCrusade is the creator and provider of e-PRO (NAR’s only technology certification course) as well as the host of, the oldest and most respected social networking site in real estate.  InternetCrusade also manages tens of thousands of e-mail accounts representing millions of pieces of e-mail on a daily basis.)

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