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2010-09-13 17:10:19

The Staggering Cost of Wars Telling on the Economy

<p>Everything has become costly; so too has  the business of running wars. The two wars of Afghanistan and Iraq have cost  America a whopping $1 trillion till now. It ranks just after the price tag of  World War II - $4 trillion. In the last Great War <a href="">USA</a> had placed 16 million of  its citizens to fight across three continents.</p>
  The initial reaction to the recent  statistics compiled by Congressional Research Service released in late July can  hardly be described as shock. These figures will play a vital part in churning  up the political and economic cauldrons to place checks on the budget of the  Pentagon. The staggering cost of wars is undoubtedly telling on the economy.</p>
  As compared to World War II these two  clashes in small countries like Afghanistan and Iraq are relatively modest but  then why are they so <a href="">expensive</a>? The answer is advanced technology of 21st  century. Specialist Stephen Daggett writes in the Congressional report, “The  most sophisticated weaponry was a 36-gun frigate that is hardly comparable to a  modern $3.5 billion destroyer”.</p>
  The figures can be interpreted from another  way. The peak of the spending on these wars was in 2008 when the war expenses  accounted for 1.2% of the GDP of America. During the years of peak spending  during World War II in 1945 the cost was about 36% of the GDP. The reason for  this is that during the post Great War period USA <a href="">economy</a> soared to  unprecedented heights during these previous 65 years. For the previous war  proportionately much greater sacrifice and united action was required to  squeeze out the $ 4 trillion from a relatively much lesser economy for World  War II. Many historians find the difference to be troubling.</p>
  Historian David M. Kennedy of <a href="">Stanford</a> University said, “The army is at war, but the country is not.” He said that  American has created and put on the field an army that can operate a lethal war  “without the society in whose name it fights breaking a sweat”. As a  consequence, he added, there have arisen moral questions for the politicians.  The civil society is bound to be disturbed when presented face to face with the  knowledge of facts.</p>
  A counter argument it that for paying the  two wars <a href="">taxes</a> have not been imposed – this being the first time that such a  thing has happened since the time of the Revolution. Whether for good or for  bad this has even more divorced the civilians of America from two wars being  raged in distant lands. But taxes or not the socio-economic impact on the  country cannot be ignored.</p>

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