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2012-01-24 17:17:10

The New Listing Magnet: Part Two

What’s in your pitch? Importantly, how much marketing punch does it pack? Besides your negotiating skills, neighborhood expertise and a flawless reputation, criteria that many local competitors might also have, sellers want to know how aggressively you will advertise and promote their property.

A quick sale at the highest price possible is every home seller’s objective.

In your presentation, you’ve covered the local newspaper ad, if you still do that. The open house is nearly a uniform expectation, as is the mailer. And of course, the local broker and agent caravan.

Here comes the kicker. Differentiation, and punch.

In the first part of this series we explained how Listing Syndication, a free service, can help you to win new listings. Syndication is a key ingredient for any successful listing presentation pitch today.

The next piece of the puzzle, also within the realm of powerful property marketing, is enhancing your listings.

Enhanced Listings, sometimes known as Featured Listings, is a paid advertising option offered by many real estate websites and search engines. Compared to regular listings, Enhanced Listings are typically much more prominently and more nicely displayed. The strategy makes your client property stand out from the hundreds of local homes listed on the same site.featured listings The New Listing Magnet: Part Two

Enhanced Listings also come across as better properties, which promotes more interest and typically leads to more clicks. One popular real estate website promises over 100% more clicks with their showcased listings option. How is that for another great bullet point in your listing presentation? Doubling views? Such statistics can go a long way towards getting the home seller’s attention and appreciation for the value you bring.

There are a plethora of options to feature listings online. Quite reasonable too, in the grand scheme of things. Such placements can typically be purchased for between $25 and $100.

If your budget allows, boost your marketing plan with an enhanced advertising component. It can definitely strengthen your pitch and help you to stand out. Bring along some glossy sample ads from a few sites you would advertise the client’s property on. If you prefer to use a laptop instead, research and open a few pages in advance, to avoid any Internet connectivity mishaps.

At worst, if an Enhanced Listing strategy helps to net you a new listing, the investment in time and money would have been worthwhile.


This is part 2 of a three part series.  View the first installment here.


Roger Noujeim, Director, Point2 Communications is an advertising, PR and communications veteran with more than 20 years of experience. Roger can be reached at, or at 888-955-7900.

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