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2012-01-12 21:51:15

The New Listing Magnet (Part 1/3)

As a wise man once told me, there are no buyer’s agents. Just agents without listings.


Listings are likely the most valuable asset a real estate brokerage or agent has. But generating new listings, while not exactly a complex science, requires that a home seller develops the confidence that you have what it takes to sell their property at the best price and in the shortest time possible. That’s not necessarily an easy accomplishment, especially if you are new to real estate or do not typically carry many listings of your own.


One of the most important opportunities to influence a home seller to list with you is the listing presentation. A listing presentation is an event that no agent should contemplate without careful and thorough preparation. Irrespective, and all else being equal, if a main takeaway by the seller is that you have the knowledge, experience and ability to give their property optimal exposure to more buyers, than your competitors, you’ve just wildly increased your chances of success.


Given that the Web has become the consumer’s playground for real estate research, your marketing plan will need to incorporate and demonstrate powerful strategies you will implement to publicize your prospect’s property online. Particularly on websites and search engines known to attract online real estate buyers.


In a few short years, Listing Syndication has virtually become a de facto component of powerful property marketing online, and a key differentiator in any successful agent’s listing presentation kit.


Listing Syndication is the simultaneous, automated distribution of listing data to multiple online destinations, such as real estate consumer websites and search engines. When deployed through a solid platform, from a single screen, listing information entered once in the MLS can be accessed by the listing agent and re-distributed to dozens of popular websites of their choice, within their syndication service provider’s network.


When discussing how you plan to market your prospect’s home, Listing Syndication can be one of your most important competitive advantages. Reinforce your pitch with statistics that show that over 90% of consumers today use the Web in one way or another in their home buying process. As well, share with your potential client data that shows that online buyers are highly fragmented. clearly highlights that the top 10 real estate sites garner only 40% of all the targeted traffic out there, and that the top three sites don’t even account for 20% of that traffic.


Being on all the top ten sites suddenly becomes critical, but hardly sufficient as that too leaves out more than half of the market.


This is where the Syndication discussion comes in. Explain how your Syndication strategy can optimize exposure of the client’s property by advertising it on several dozen real estate websites. Produce handouts and diagrams to help your prospect visualize how syndication increases exposure on many sites, and show them print outs of online traffic reporting and monitoring charts. Discuss tools you can place in their hands for them to be able to dynamically check on traffic flow and views of their property listing, at their convenience.


More exposure to more buyers online means a higher chance of a sale, faster. Deeply integrating a solid Web exposure strategy into your listing presentations, leveraging Listing Syndication, is easy to achieve, easy to explain and sets you apart. It can also easily be that extra clincher you need to close new listings.



Roger Noujeim, Director, Point2 Communications is an advertising, PR and communications veteran with more than 20 years of experience. Roger can be reached at, or at 888-955-7900.

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