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2010-06-16 14:54:47

The Kids Were Right.

 There was a brief time where it made sense to me that a child is a valuable teacher for sales skills. Think about it—she will not take no for an answer and will always ask for the prize.

Regardless of prior rejections.
As a parent, I often will say no, but sometimes give in.
Is it because of a lack of self-consciousness on the part of the as yet, unspoiled kid? Do my walls eventually break down, because of the consistent effort? Does that work so well when it is adult-to adult?
Partly yes, but mostly no. I have finally figured out why my children are able to negotiate so successfully. It is not an inherent skill, which goes away with the eventual loss of childhood innocence. No, no, not at all.
We have built a relationship of trust, love and certainly a comfort level. Always, the notion of “building relationships” has been liberally sprinkled in my teachings, but today it comes to light.
A relationship defined is: the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other.
For my children and me, that notion is always a measure of how well we interact and desire to continue with the day’s business.
Of course that is how it works with a real estate client or for that manner any type of business relationship.
So simple. Don’t lose sight of it.

Mike Butson is a real estate practiioner and a RealTown Blog member. He specializes in real estate fianance and marketing. Check out his RealTown Blog

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