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2010-10-19 11:47:42

The Call of the Hour is Full Scale Nation Building

<p>The Obama <a href="">government</a> is toasting itself for  having turned the tide through its stimulus efforts and changes in the field of  stimulus, health, finances, education and you name it. But the survival of the average  American family is at stake. Destitution is round the corner, unemployment  benefits have run out and the snaking queue of the jobless is getting longer  and longer – quick and fast.</p>
<p>It is leading to a general feeling of  resentment that only the rich and the well connected can depend on help from  <a href="">Washington</a>. This dangerous sentiment is spreading fast like the oil spill in  the Mexican gulf. The results will be ominous for Obama and his entire team. In  this mood the support for the Barack Obama and the Democrats is sinking like a  block of stone.</p>
<p>For most citizens the prime issue is  employment. The anxiety is spreading fast as people are seeing teachers,  policemen and firefighter joining the unemployment line while the local and  state administrations battle a losing war against the budget. To them the Obama  government is doing nothing but increasing its war against Afghanistan and  trying to rebuild an alien nation from the rubbles of destruction.</p>
<p>In the recent polls conducted by the <a href="">New  York</a> Times and CBS News half the respondents think that America is walking down  the wrong lines. Despite the hue and cry raised by the hawks against deficit  budgeting, the public are concerned primarily about the state of the <a href="">economy</a> with the focus being on employment. Obama is paying a heavy price for being  deaf to this. 54% thinks that he lacks a clear cut plan for generating jobs.  45% were satisfied with his general handling of the economic woes as compared  to 48% who thought otherwise and disapproved of what he was doing.</p>
<p>Time has not run out – there is still scope  for President Obama to shake up things but there are no signs that he is  thinking of doing anything along these suggested lines. The political mood is  far from satisfactory – the confidence in the government is waning and hawks  have been fanning the fears about budgetary deficits. All this is not good for  Main Street.</p>
<p>At this juncture it would need exceptional  leadership to make the country rally to support a full throated cry and action  for job creation. It would tantamount to large scale activity on building up  the entire nation at home. Perhaps the current environment will not help at  all. But it is what is required at this hour of <a href="">crisis</a>.</p>

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