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2007-12-19 10:00:00

STDB Continues to Provide REI Wise Services for CCIM Designees

REI Wise, the industry leader in online real estate analytic and marketing software products, announced it has signed a new agreement with STDB Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCIM Institute.  STDB Inc., which operates the Site to Do Business (STDBonline), is providing two of REI Wise's web-based subscription services to CCIM Designees. Under the terms of the new agreement, STDBonline will purchase licenses of REI Wise Commercial Investment Analysis and REI Wise Commercial Lease Analysis for all CCIM Designees. In addition, STDBonline will continue to promote REI Wise products to its subscribers. This new agreement extends the REI Wise and STDBonline partnership through 2009.

REI Wise Commercial Investment Analysis Online is a software tool for analysis and marketing of commercial properties.

REI Wise launched its newest product, Commercial Lease Analysis, to assist brokers in comparing up to five commercial leases side by side. The Commercial Lease Analysis platform will support both Tenant and Owner Representation. It is also seamlessly integrated into the REI Wise MarketEdge financial web listing service. REI Wise MarketEdge allows leasing brokers to instantly communicate changes during lease negotiations to their clients on a fully branded, password-protected web site.

"REI Wise continually offers the easiest and most effective analytical and marketing tools for commercial real estate professionals. The response by CCIM Designees has been overwhelmingly positive during 2007," said Jay R. Lucas, President of STDB Inc. "REI Wise MarketEdge provides CCIMs and STDBonline subscribers a unique solution because it's a fully branded web listing service, it's completely integrated into REI Wise analysis products, and it's incredibly easy to use. It is these kinds of solutions that can make our subscribers more productive and more profitable."

"STDBonline recognizes the value our unique solution brings to commercial real estate professionals. We are looking forward to bringing additional products and services to the CCIM community and STDBonline subscribers in 2008. In the coming year we'll be unveiling seamlessly integrated demographics, flash web sites and deal/war rooms," said John D. Freyder, CEO of REI Wise. "There is no doubt that our partnership with STDBonline, and invaluable input from CCIM Designees, has consistently improved our product line."

About REI Wise

Based in Newport Beach, CA, REI Wise is the industry leader in subscription-based real estate investment analysis and marketing software. REI Wise offers Internet subscription services targeted for real estate professionals involved in commercial and multi-family investments, as well as commercial leasing. REI Wise software for real estate professionals includes excellent market tools for producing branded investment proposals and fully branded web listings.

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