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2007-10-03 00:45:00

SoCal MLS Designates RealPING Approved Supplier, Member Benefit

The Southern California Multiple Listing Service (SoCalMLS) with over 55,000 members, has approved realPING as an "Approved Supplier" and will promote the "Click-to-Talk NOW" technology to their agent base. realPING instantly connects engaged Web consumers with agents who can then offer interactive abilities remotely from their cell phone.

Russ Bergeron CEO of SoCal MLS (shown at right) commented, "Our progressive agent base has always relied on us for delivering the best tools available. Now we can help them connect instantly with viewers of all their e-marketing. Today's real estate consumer demands urgency when they have questions and now our members can deliver answers and much more in seconds. We understand the first responder gets the business in today's Web-centric marketplace."

realPING co-founder Albert Clark (shown at left) said, 'We continue to work with the industry leaders as we add the 'WOW factor'  to many e-marketing platforms. SoCal's approval of realPING demonstrates their commitment to empower their members with the latest communication tools. Having a conversion and listing tool such as realPING extends that commitment.'

Studies have shown that 78% of consumers will select the first agent that responds to their questions.

realPING's "Click-to-Talk" is a VoIP e-button that immediately connects Web site visitors to the real estate professional's cell or office phone. With realPING's unique caller ID, agents know the caller is on their website, and is looking at listings/tours/blogs or reading their e-mail and needs help 'now'. Once connected, using any telephone, agents can remotely control the caller's web browser and 'push' content, such as Web pages and home tours, to the consumer using realPING's patented 'Page Push' feature. As the 'Web2.0' movement gains speed, immersive technology such as realPING can augment lead conversion.

About realPING, LLC

realPING designs and provides Web-enabled technology at the agent and brokerage level. realPING utilizes an (API) that instantly connects web site visitors and e-mail recipients with a real estate professional.

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