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2009-02-20 18:59:11

Smart Realtors Need Not Spend Much to Get Started


I think that I would buy from Yvonne Coelet and  Brian Anderson, of all the thousands of Real Estate clients I have had, if I were in the market in their area (White Mountain Arizona).
They did their research, bought a very inexpensive ($479 complete with hosting for one year) blog, perfectly optimized and submitted so that everything they do from here on will build on a good foundation, and hired a tech-savvy virtual assistant to help them.
The FREE template they picked out for their syndicated WordPress blog is absolutely perfect:
With so many real estate agents spending huge amounts of money on the wrong things, with no rankings and no results, this recent  setup is an example of how to do it right, and how inexpensive it can be:
Here is a checklist, and reasonable budget:
1.       Website:  must be a blog if it is ever going to rank for anything; must be the source of a syndicated RSS feed; must be a content management system putting the agent/broker in complete control, and allowing the site to grow without manual text editing: $479.00 includes hosting, optimization, and submission to the top 100 directories.
2.       The RSS feed should be syndicated through RealTown Blogs,, and others.  It can be submitted to thousands of outlets and aggregates to reach subscribers; which will then subscribe, building an instant audience: in Yvonne’s case this will be done by her virtual assistant.
3.       Ongoing posting, editing, promotion, community building (social media marketing): this can be done inexpensively by someone else, or for free if you have time on your hands and knowledge: we charge $99 per month, including management of a full blown social network integrated into the site; instead,  Yvonne hired a wonderful virtual assistant, also a great option in my opinion.
4.       MLS – there are some very good providers now, and I am not up on all of them,  (a great topic for another article) but I know that  and offer most MLS feeds formatted nicely  with mapping technology and robust “back end” ads and tracking: most options range between $30-$50 per month – (in Yvonne’s case, this is not an option because of local MLS rules so the local MLS feed will need to be formatted into a widget in the sidebars)
I would buy from Yvonne and Brian because they are smart shoppers themselves, and worthy of trust in even the most convoluted marketplace: online marketing!  I suggest that you could learn from their smart choices.  They did not buy everything from one source, but what they bought will surely work together, will rank on the search engines, will build an ongoing tangible value for the website aside from the core business: and these are the keys to success in this fiercely competitive market.
Israel Rothman is a well known author and avid blogger: he is CEO of LLC Social Media Marketing and Website Design Company.

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