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2008-03-17 11:07:00

SentriLock Rated Number One in Overall Satisfaction in Recent Survey

SentriLock, a leading provider of electronic lockbox solutions for the real estate industry, announced that it has been ranked the number one lockbox provider in four out of five key areas, according to a national survey. SentriLock was tops in lockbox product, service, system and overall satisfaction.

The survey of local and state REALTOR® Association Executives (AEs) and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) executives was conducted by the National Assn. of REALTORS®’ Marketing Research Department (see full rankings here: 3#two).

Survey participants were asked to rank several factors in order of importance when selecting a lockbox vendor. The top two criteria desired by AEs and MLS executives are the quality and design of the lockbox followed closely by customer service. In terms of product characteristics, two were desired most: Security and simplicity of use.

“Our mission from day one has been to partner with the industry to identify real estate professionals’ preferences in lockbox features — and then deliver products that not only meet, but exceed our clients’ high standards and expectations,” said Scott Fisher, president of SentriLock.

Unlike any other lockbox system, SentriLock’s REALTOR Lockbox NXT product contains “smart” technology (such as an electronic keypad) built into the box that is combined with smart-card technology. Using the smart-card technology, real estate professionals open the lockbox using their personal SentriCard®, a hotel-card-sized electronic access key. As a result of this unique use of smart technology, all lockbox settings and showing information are Web based and can quickly and easily be managed by agents.

As just one example, the REALTOR Lockbox NXT ‘one-day code’ feature even allows non-SentriLock users – such as agents from outside the area, contractors, and appraisers, to name a few – to have limited but secure access to the lockbox when provided a one-day code authorized by the listing agent.

“The ability to electronically track who shows a home and when, as well as being able to provide access to the lockbox without having to drive to a listing to let a contractor inside are significant features our customers have requested and we’ve delivered in the product,” Fisher said.

SentriLock’s lockbox solution is built upon the SentriCard®, an ISO 7816 compliant smart card. Unlike their credit card counterparts, smart cards utilize an embedded chip that contains the security data for the lockbox system. This chip is immune to magnetic fields and employs tamper detection logic and circuitry. These high-security devices use 128 bit encryption technology, ensuring the cards cannot be copied or altered by unauthorized means.

A feature story by the Cincinnati Enquirer, said SentriLock “is now producing one of the most technologically advanced Realtor lockbox products on the market.” (full story here: 803090332/1076/BIZ)

About SentriLock LLC

SentriLock LLC, founded in 2003, is majority owned by the National Assn. of REALTORS® (NAR) and is the official lockbox solution of NAR’s REALTOR Benefits® program. SentriLock has more than 160 REALTOR® Association clients using its REALTOR® Lockbox system representing over 200,000 agents. For additional information on the REALTOR® Lockbox system, contact SentriLock toll-free at 1-866-736-2322 or visit

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