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Seal to print in their consc

s one in front of them not know have much deep of cave, jewelry but the thunder Si hides in this cave especially! "Sou!Sou!Sou!" Just the breathing of those more than ten 34 class leave fairies said for fighting dragon has been already appeared,rings they are apart from bore Hao the place of their place for sky however ten many inside just.Almost came right away bore Hao in the moment sky they are before the body! "Red spring way friend and blue sea way friend, please two circumstances that again fish for the other party, our several people goes in to look for thunder Si especially!"The bore Hao order way in the sky. "Like,earrings Mr. Kong trusts, these small followers not just our opponent,necklaces ha ha!"Blue sea the true person and red spring point nod and then face ascend those Kui leis are strong, but bore Hao man they then flew into a cave! Book four chapter 394 targets appear Is the son Run who through succeed of were strong most of Kui leis to all lead to open northeast Gua ha a look at at him this is infinite to approach at the fairy of super strong taking them to go around in circles!And on the other hand, bore Hao sky they have already discovered that the thunder Si hides a body especially as well of,jewelry wholesale runescape money is a huge cave! The bore Hao sky left true person of blue sea and red spring way the Zu guard outside the cave, so as not to the bore Run there appears a problem and keeps Kui Lei from strong suddenly assaults, while he then takes moreover strong got into huge hole! This cave foot is 3 people high,jewelry can parallel 78 people, inside although say to is an utter darkness one,fashion jewelry but twinkle one in fine threads fresh red light Yan.However this light Yan looks is gloomy and matchless, its letting the bore Hao for sky them has to carefully be on guard. "This hole mansion only have number inside,party dresses in is a huge space, however even if is my absolute being to know can hardly wear through go to, see to should be the place that seals to print!"Long Zhan fishes for say. Seal to print in their consc

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