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2007-03-28 18:53:00

Santa Clarita is Home for RealTown Blog of the Day

Santa Clarita Real Estate Blog
Linda Slocum
Santa Clarita, CA

Overflowing with information and opportunities for the reader to learn, the Santa Clarita Real Estate Blog offers a panoply of goodies from neighborhood information and loads of new construction information to economic conditions, tips and advice, and also  personalized information for buyers and sellers, to name but a few. Visiting the archives yields an encyclopedia of articles on every imaginable topic known to residential real estate and community information, all penned by a very capable REALTOR.

Visually, the site is nicely laid out and fairly balanced. Everything seems to be in synch with just enough graphics and white space to be easy on the eyes. Navigation is a breeze and is as intuitive as any site could be. Smartly placed front and center is the featured listing -- sure to please the seller, and a grounding reality for the reader that this is, after all, a real estate blog site.

Linda Slocum, the host and author of this site, is a REALTOR and high-tech guru with Vintage Sotheby's International Realty in Valencia. She has managed to make the blog an organizational wonder with virtually no wasted space, whether it's a matter of allotment for topics or words used.  The result is a fabulous site, jammed with useful information which is conveyed in a convincing manner in absolutely minimal space. You get the impression, from viewing the blog, that if you hired Linda Slocum, you'd get top service, great responsiveness, and no suggestions that weren't backed up by solid facts.

The Santa Clarita Real Estate Blog is admirable on countless fronts and warrants being dubbed the Real Town "Blog Of The Day".

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