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2008-06-18 13:51:05

San Diego Real Estate Broker Offers Honeymoon to Same Sex Couples

With the passing of the same sex marriage law in California, the estimated 100,000 domestic partners in California will have the opportunity to join millions of other Americans in holy matrimony. While California braces for the onslaught of applications for marriage licenses from same sex couples due to the historic California Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex marriage, same sex marriage protesters and gay rights supporters are preparing for rallies across the state. In the midst of the controversy to legalize gay marriage, San Diego real estate company Wellsford Realty is offering to pay for the wedding reception for same sex couples married in California when purchasing a home, condo, or vacation home using their services. "It's more than showing appreciation for our customers," Michelle Koert of Wellsford Realty said of their Pride Promotion. "We understand that domestic partners want all of the securities and happiness that investment in a home has to offer a couple. We encourage same sex couples from out of the area to purchase their vacation home in San Diego."

Whether choosing to make California their primary or secondary residence by buying a home in San Diego, domestic partners seeking to take advantage of the new Same Sex Marriage Law in California can now get their wedding reception or a honeymoon getaway compliments of Wellsford Realty. With the purchase of a condo or home using their services, Wellsford Realty is rebating 33% of its commission which can be used to celebrate their wedding day or plan that long awaited perfect honeymoon.

"For example, if a same sex couple buys a $600,000 San Diego vacation home or condo, Wellsford Realty will rebate up to $6,000 cash back to plan a wonderful wedding reception to celebrate their vows or escape to their dream honeymoon. Our goal is to help newly married same sex couples celebrate their new life together," notes Michelle Koert, wedding concierge for Wellsford Realty. "We even provide a concierge service assisting with the marriage license, wedding reception and honeymoon plans."

With the Pride Promotion, newly married couples under the Same Sex Marriage Law in California can now have a place to call home in California with one call to Wellsford Realty. Wellsford Realty extends the offer to traditional couples as well.

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