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2007-02-22 10:06:00

Saint Paul Blog is Utterly Elegant

Saint Paul Real Estate
Teresa Boardman
Saint Paul, MN

Saint Paul never looked so good!

Saint Paul Real Estate is a simple title for a blog. Sometimes simple is elegant. This is a blog that is elegant from top to bottom and inside out! Balanced design, wonderful use of graphics, including a panoramic header, sharp text, nice selection of widgets and tools in the side columns, and terrific content are just a few of the ingreidents that make this blog work. REALTOR/Blogger Bonnie Erickson says this about Saint Paul Real Estate Blog on RealTown BlogTalk:

Read what Bonnie Erickson has to say about this blog."This blog is totally consumer oriented.  She tries to stay away from talking about blogging.  She makes a daily entry.  She spends an hour reading her RSS feeds which include a lot of news sources and about 100 blogs before she writes.  She takes her camera everywhere and uses the pix in her blog.  She is active and a long term resident in her neighborhood and in St. Paul so she can talk about local stuff that the local paper hasn't yet published.  Her side bars have picture tours of St. Paul; links to consumer content sites like Ramsey county tax records, entertainment in St. Paul, etc.;  Her photo is nowhere to be seen.  If you read back a couple weeks, not only has she more business in January (Minnesota's deadest month), but she has been featured all over the nation now: Chicago Trib, Realtor magazines, Realty Times, Inman News, etc.  Bigger Pockets Blog did an analysis of her blog. The techniques will work on an RT blog or any other platform.  The time comes in setting it up and designing it.  Once that is done, it's all about blogfood.  Keep a notebook with you at al times to write down potential idea."

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