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2011-11-15 20:40:29

REO SYNDICATE Offering Exclusive Territories

Based on customer feedback the REO SYNDICATE will be offering coverage in exclusive territories throughout the country.  Many of our members have requested exclusive access to their specified location giving them the edge in their local market.

One of our top priorities in the REO SYNDICATE is to give our members leverage in today's market, therefore due to popular demand we're making the changes requested to allow maximum benefits of the program.  This will secure the territories of our founding members.  All new members who qualify will have exclusive rights to their county as well.  We will only allow one member per county.


As our members know, in addition to other resources, we focus on gathering and sharing information with our focus on one client per month.  This way we are able to give and receive the most pertinent, up-to-date information on obtaining new business.  They can in turn apply that information to gain the accounts in their area.  And who doesn't love that?

REO SYNDICATE new client

I'm so excited about limiting coverage to exclusive territories as I feel this only adds value for our hard working members.  This allows our members more leverage to establish the REO accounts within their exclusive area. 


As the group grows so does our ability to access valuable client-specific information.  Consider the REO SYNDICATE an information bank.  The more members, the more information is deposited into the bank, the more information can be withdrawn.  And the best part is that you are the only one with access to withdraw the information in your area. Its such an amazing concept that I'm ecstatic to be a part of.


If you would like to see if your area is still available and possibly obtain exclusive coverage please visit the REO SYNDICATE and see what we're all about.  Coverage areas are being assigned daily so I encourage you to check us out soon.  See you there!

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