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2008-06-27 16:43:33

Realty World 'Connects NOW' With RealPING

Realty World Inc. has approved realPING as an approved supplier and will be offering the  service to franchisees in the United States. realPING"s "Click-to-Talk" technology instantly connects online consumers with agents via the telephone. Once connected, using any telephone, agents can remotely "push" content, such as Web pages or video home tours, to the consumer's desktop using realPING's patented "Page Push" feature.

Studies have shown that 78 percent of consumers will select the first agent that responds to their questions.

"We pride ourselves as a company that relies on powerful technology tools," stated Gary Longobardo, Realty World President/COO. "RealPING makes it easy for our agents to be the most responsive and accessible. Today, it's all about being their NOW, when a web site visitor needs help. In addition, realPING is a differentiator at listing presentation time. Our agents can demo on the spot and show prospects how they sell homes faster using the latest technology?
realPING co-founder Albert Clark said, "Today's consumers are spoiled by the net. The new standard for response time is now - not an e-mail, autoresponder or call back later in the day.  A recent California Assn. of REALTORS study indicated that almost 50% of web visitors expected live help on a web site visit.
About realPING, LLC
realPing provides VOIP Web-enabled technology (on an individual and API platform) that instantly connects via telephone, web site visitors and e-mail recipients with a real estate professionals studies indicate that professionals who do not get back to consumers within 10 minutes have almost no chance of "converting" that lead to a client.
About Realty World
Realty World, Inc. is a national and international real estate franchisor operating throughout the United States, Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean, and Europe. The company began franchising in 1973 and has one of the highest levels of name brand recognition in the industry.

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