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2008-07-09 16:31:29

RealTown Membership Surges Past 100,000 Mark, the oldest and most respected online real estate community on the Web, boosted opt-in membership totals to 108,000 this week. Increasing numbers of real estate professionals and consumers are joining the social networking phenomenon at the premier Web platform for real estate resources and tools.

Saul Klein, CEO of InternetCrusade, home of RealTown. (He is also CEO of Point2 Technologies.)“This is a great milestone for RealTown,” said Saul Klein, (shown at right) President and CEO of InternetCrusade (also CEO of Point2 Technologies). “We have been advocates and evangelists of the power of online community since the early 1990s. And now, after more than 13 years of hard work, it is great to see our vision become a reality and embraced by so many. We are poised for continued growth as the resource for real estate networking and content.”

ReallTown's Book of Genesis opens in 1995 when Klein designed a plan for online communities and a real estate web portal for the National Assn. of REALTORS. In the years that followed, real estate professionals have contributed nearly one million posts to RealTalk and other online communities powered by InternetCrusade.

The real estate web portal offers:

  • Real estate news and articles from industry notables as well as brokers and agents "in the trenches."
  • Featured blog entries.
  • Featured community posts.
  • FREE blogs.
  • Online communities offering a choice of Web-based and/or e-mail delivery.
  • Ability to create private and public communities in an online platform with advanced e-mail delivery options.
  • Highly robust public profile pages with enhanced SEO (search engine optimization) features to support members' online presence and drive more traffic to their web sites. is the first real estate Internet portal to rely on multi-layered Citizen Journalism for the bulk of its content; and it is one of the first media portals to embrace Citizen Journalism from every vantage point, from content creation to content delivery.

“We have developed a powerful real estate network that includes e-mail and Web-based platform to help real estate professionals share their knowledge and experiences through the strength of community,” said Klein. “One of the guiding principles of the RealTown real estate network is that there is power in the collective wisdom of the community. To quote Kevin Kelly of Wired Magazine, ‘No one is as smart as everyone'.”

InternetCrusade® ( is a San Diego-based company that was founded in 1995. Specializing in online publishing, InternetCrusade provides productivity tools and systems for real estate professionals including domains, domain hosting, e-mail systems and hosting, online communities, online voting and surveys. The firm is the exclusive provider of the National Assn. of REALTORS'  e-PRO®  Technology Certification Program and a member of the REALTOR® Benefits Program.

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