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2008-01-25 19:52:00

RealTown Launches Real Estate Web 2.0 and Blogging Survey

Saul Klein is CEO of InternetCrusade and the new CEO of Point2 TechnologiesSan Diego, CA, January 25, 2008 – RealTown® has launched the first in a series of major real estate surveys to track the needs and interests of the real estate community. “This survey will help us continue to design a platform and educational tools that will help REALTORS tune their cyber skills and meet the needs of a changing marketplace,” said Saul Klein, CEO of InternetCrusade and also now the new CEO of Point2 Technologies (shown at right).

Take the survey here:

“The landscape of the Web is fluid and new Web sites and tools present a wide range of choices for today’s real estate professional,” Klein continued. “The RealTown community has been an interactive online network for over 12 years. Surveys and agent-to-agent communication has evolved from an e-mail standard to a Community Web Platform housing the content generated by members in Communities, Blogs, and Articles. This survey will offer information that will offer members an opportunity  to help each other and serve real estate consumers more efficiently and fully.”

The real estate portal houses the industry’s oldest and most respected real estate network featuring a variety of online communities as well as a wealth of community created content. Over the years, real estate professionals have made nearly 1 million posts to RealTalk and other public and private communities that are part of the RealTown network. InternetCrusade is also the exclusive technology and content provider for e-PRO, the Technology Certification Program of the National Assn. of REALTORS.

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