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2009-06-15 22:30:32

REALTORS®: Receive a benefit for Recommending Verizon Fiber-optic Services


Verizon’s done the math.

Eighty percent of people make their home communication services decisions prior to moving in their new digs. In addition, 85% will choose the first service provider that contacts them.
That makes real estate agents the ideal partners to help the broadband giant sell FiOS – a fiber-optic broadband delivery system for phone, Internet and TV services to home buyers.
Verizon’s FiOS delivers laser-generated pulses of light, riding over hair-thin strands of glass into the customer’s home. Verizon is the only major U.S. telecom company building an advanced, all-digital fiber-optic network on a mass scale – all the way into each individual customer’s home, says the company.  
To get there faster, Verizon has created an Agent Rewards Program (ARP), designed to reward both agents and their home buyers for choosing Verizon FiOS for their broadband services.
Toni Lynn Semeah, who is in charge of the ARP, says, “When a real estate agent can tell the “FiOS Adds Value to the Home” story, it builds their credibility by demonstrating value to their client — and helps differentiate themselves from their competition.”
The program is simple:
  1. The real estate agent registers online and receives a Welcome Kit.
  2. To make certain a prospective home or “lead property” is FiOS-capable, check the address at
  3. When the agent has a “lead property” under contract, he/she registers it on the ARP site.
  4. The buyer signs up for a Verizon Double of Triple Play. The agent receives a $100 Amex gift card, and the buyer receives a $50 gift card.
  5. Brokers can register their offices to participate as Office Champions. 

Verizon’s research shows that 65% of home buyers consider broadband services to be important in their new home. Even better, fiber-optic broadband services can add as much as .8% to the value of a home, says the company.

And that’s why this offer is so sweet - real estate agents and their clients get paid for giving people what they already want.

Blanche Evans is CEO of Evans Emedia, Inc. and publisher of The Evans Ezine. As an award-winning journalist, Blanche has been named one of the "25 Most Influential People In Real Estate" by REALTOR Magazine, and twice recognized as one of the industry's most "Notables."     


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