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Stop it!
You’re making the rest of us look bad. Come on, you know who you are. Till now, you’ve “hidden out,” or gone on the lam, if you will. In the world of high standards and competency, you should be convicted and then sent to “Realtor® Correctional Center” for rehab. If that doesn’t do the trick, then you must be driven to the town limits and banished from re-entry till you decide to practice your craft like the rest of us.
“Who me?” speaks the naysayer.
Perhaps you are innocent of all counts or like so many others, a victim of mistaken identity. If so, I’ll simply say, “Watch it!”
Here’s the short list of charges: How do you plead?
1.       Didn’t call back when you said you would.
2.       Submitted offers for unqualified buyers.
3.       Cheerfully listed  homes at a higher price than the market will bear, cause you. want your name on the sign.
4.       Did not dress professionally.
5.       Were driving a dirty and/or cluttered automobile.
6.       Talked negatively about other agents.
7.       Sent the buyers out with a batch of MLS flyers in hopes they will find the right. house and call you back later.
8.       Negotiated on behalf of the deal, as opposed to the client’s best interest.
9.       Didn't provide current market statistics or relevant current events.
10.    Did not fully understand each and every part of the purchase contract, disclosure documents and advisories. Worse yet, when confronted with a question you don’t have the answer to, will provide a vague, empty script or promise the answer later without follow up.
11.    Did not listen so closely to what the buyer really wants in a home.
12.    Constantly needed follow up by other agents to provide documents, disclosures and other required contractual actions.
13. Told the listing agent (in “confidence”) the buyer will pay more or relays to the buyer agent that the seller will accept less.
14.    Avoided recommending certain inspections or inspectors, cause they may expose too much about the house. After all, it’s all about the deal
15.    Did not stay abreast of current loan programs, interest rates and lenders best suited for each.
16.    Did not return phone calls or emails promptly
17.    Didn't have a marketing plan. Simply input listing in the MLS and hope for the best.
18.    Did not give suggestions to prepare your home for sale.
19.    Had a second job which takes priority over real estate.
20.    When an escrow is in place, did not stay in touch with the other agent.
“Oh, so what’s the penalty?’ you ask, as you flash that trademark sneer, which reeks of “Catch me if you can.”
Well, from my seat it appears you have been receiving the sentence already — in the form of unhappy and dissatisfied customers, losing your clients to other agents, little repeat or referral business...
Unfortunately, our real estate justice system does not seem to change your behavior.
You appear at your desk, but don’t show up mentally. You talk the talk, but spend hours at the office, while the phone sits idle? You send emails — but to Amazon or your personal Facebook friends. Perhaps your voice mail says you are hard at work in the “field” or taking care of things at the “home office.” Sure you are.
While the rest of us take our profession seriously, you continue to sit and wait for the easy mark—a client who you “mug” with false promises and hope, which soon will be dashed. And the rest of us become your victims, as the few people you manage to snag, look at you as a “typical” Realtor®.
When confronted by your broker, the alibis are always the same. “No one ever told me,” or, “My luck has turned bad,” or my personal favorite, “The phone doesn’t ring anymore.”
In the words of Popeye, “I’ve had all I can stands and I can’t stands no more!”
Oh, but you are a bona fide Realtor®, thus one of the gazillion folks who pay their dues each year and watch the TV ads which sing the praises of the wonderful members of this trade group. You must be qualified and competent, right?
I don’t think so. You have been riding our coat-tails for a long time and it’s time to grow up and act like a professional. We would appreciate it.

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