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2007-11-12 18:01:00 Wages War on the Negative Media

Bernice Ross, has just launched a frontal attack on the negative news media with the release of a new FREE program, Positive News for Positive REALTORS.  According to CEO Bernice Ross (shown at right), a nationally syndicated columnist for Inman News, REALTORS across the country believe that the media are misreporting how bad the current real estate market actually is.

According to Ross, a speaker and author of two real estate books plus over 300 published articles:

"Agents everywhere are angry about the negative reports in the media. There’s a lot of good news about the market. The problem is that it’s buried somewhere in Section 3 on page 15 of the newspaper, if it’s even reported at all.

"For example, is reporting that, only one out 196 households is actually in some aspect of foreclosure. This means that 99.5% of all households are NOT in foreclosure. Furthermore, when you consider that 35% of all homes in the U.S. do NOT have a mortgage, this means only 3.25 out of 1,000 homeowners are currently in foreclosure. Given all the speculation and flipping of houses during the last several years, this is a much better number than anyone would have expected." 

Ross decided to expand her company’s paid subscription sales training service, Listen and Learn Real Estate (, to include a free service, "Positive News for Positive REALTORS," that would publish positive news about today’s real estate market. Listen and Learn Real Estate provides agents with the strategies they need to succeed in today’s shifting market in a MP3/podcast format. According to Ross, she wanted to do more than just provide training, coaching, and consulting:

“Positive News for Positive Realtors®” is a free service in a MP3/podcast format designed to give Realtors® the ammunition they need to give their clients the good news about the real estate market. Today’s buyers and sellers want to work with someone who is optimistic. Now is one of the best times ever to purchase real estate. Professional investors understand this and are extremely active in today’s market. Agents can have their best year ever if they will stay positive and use their marketing to get the word out about the many opportunities for clients to capitalize on today’s shifting market." provides cutting-edge training, coaching, and consulting programs to the real estate industry. Founded in 1996, has assisted the major companies in the real estate industry as well as individual agents to increase their productivity, profitability, and effectiveness.

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