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2008-09-17 18:15:16

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: 7 Tips to Thrive in Today's Market

In today's changing market, many real estate agents are wondering what to do. Some have gone through a cycle of shock, disappointment, fear, and now confusion. What seemed to work in yesterday's marketplace isn't working today, so what to do?

The truth is that there are many opportunities in today's market for success. This article will give you 7 tips to thrive in today's market.
Tip 1: Listen to the media with discernment
As you know, the media likes to paint a negative spin on everything to get more sales. There's a saying, "if it bleeds, it reads." Lately you've been hearing a lot of scare tactics from the media. When you're buying into the ideas that are presented, notice how you feel. Do you feel motivated and raring to go?
No, you probably feel demoralized, unmotivated, and downright scared. Guess what? As you feel these feelings, you are radiating energy to prospective clients that stop them from wanting to move forward. "Whatever you give out comes back to you multiplied."
That might explain why your phone isn't ringing.
Tip 2: Look at the facts
The economic forecast is actually quite different than what the media is spinning. Here's what you need to know to get you motivated, and in action:
• interest rates are still at an all-time low
• we've gone through the worst of the dip
• indications are that prices will start to rise
In other words, according to the experts, the worst part is over and houses will begin to sell again.
Tip 3: Put up boundaries on negativity in your environment
You probably know what environment I'm talking about. I'm talking about being around other real estate agents.
Many of the clients that I'm currently coaching are busy creating a positive mindset. How do they do it?
They tell me, "I don't hang out with real estate agents who are negative. I would rather ride in my own car than hear the negative buzz."
"Well done", I say, "Don't let anyone rain on your parade".
Tip 4: Monitor your own self talk
No one knows how to create negative chatter in your mind, more than you do. With the flip of a switch, you can turn off negative self talk and give yourself positive and encouraging self talk.
Here's how you can spot negative self talk. It will sound something like:
• "I don't know if I can succeed in today's market"
• "I don't know if there's enough business to go around"
• "maybe it's time for me to get a 'real job"
After working with real estate agents for the past 10 years to help them to double and triple the incomes, I have found an easy technique to intervene and create a positive mindset.
The next time you notice any negative self talk, just say STOP! Then take a breath and put in some positive new thoughts. Here are some examples of positive thoughts I have helped my clients create:
• "I have what it takes to succeed in any market"
• "there's more than enough to go around"
• "the bottom line is - no matter what, people will always need to buy and sell houses"
• "I do work I love and I'm richly rewarded"
What does this do? This creates a positive, affirming mindset so that instead of asking the question, "can I do this?" you ask, "how can I do this?"
Tip 5: Find and educate buyers
With an abundance of homes that need to be sold, and interest rates still low, what a wonderful time for buyers to get a great deal.
Your job is to find them, and educate them on this rare opportunity. Use all your prospecting methods, but direct yourself to reaching the buyers. When you do reach them (or they reach you), only give energy to the ones who are highly motivated and have to move. Be sure to have a buyer's agreement with you, so you'll be compensated for your hard work.
Tip 6: Be clear on what makes you unique
As you begin to market yourself to buyers, be sure to present reasons to them as to why they should work with you instead of another real estate agent.
When I present this idea to my clients, they often go blank. Does this ever happen to you? If so, then with the help of a mentor or a coach, have someone help you discover your strengths.
For example, one of my clients did not realize how much she had going for her. She was a great negotiator, very attentive to details and at the same time was very personable. She would bend over backwards to be sure that her clients felt comfortable. When she realized her uniqueness, her business grew, as she realized how much she had to give.
Tip 7: Use the Law of Attraction to attract your ideal clients
The best way for your business to grow and your income to triple is to be attracting your ideal clients. Your ideal clients will be pleasurable to work with, they will appreciate your service and will demonstrate that to you with a full commission, and they will refer people to you.
The Law of Attraction would say: visualize clients you want to work with, see yourself working with them now, and feel what it feels like to have an abundance of ideal clients. If it gives you joy to serve them, then radiate that joy and watch how it magnetizes those ideal clients to you. This is the difference between having work you tolerate and work that you love.
Follow these tips, and you'll be thriving in any market.
(Dr. Maya Bailey, author of, Law of Attraction for Real Estate Professionals, integrates 20 years of experience as a psychologist and 12 years as a business coach with her expertise in the Law of Attraction. Her powerful work creates a success formula for real estate professionals ready to double and triple their incomes. Get Dr. Maya's free report, 7 Simple Strategies For More Clients in 90 Days.  Also, check out her new program designed to help you create a Positive Mindset  in today’s market.)


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