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2007-11-15 15:06:00

Rapattoni MLS Auto-Uploads to Google

Rapattoni Corp. announced that Rapattoni MLS is now teaming with Google, the leading Internet search engine, to provide daily listing feeds to Google Base that will bring prospective buyers instantly back to the listing agent and broker.

When a buyer runs a Google search looking for specific housing criteria, Google returns a brief description and picture of the property along with a link back to the public view on Rapattoni MLS of that specific property. There the prospective buyer can see a great deal more about the property, including additional pictures and links directly to the listing agent and broker's information. The Rapattoni MLS/Google search is designed to make the listing agent the buyer's destination.

The Rapattoni MLS Google upload program can be optional at many levels. If the MLS organization chooses to permit uploads to Google, individual offices can opt out if they prefer. They can even opt out for an individual listing if they wish. The entire program is designed to make sure that the listing information on Google is up-to-date and that sold listings are removed. This assures the public valid and reliable data for properties currently on the market.

Rapattoni is offering this new feature at no additional cost to its MLS customers. "By giving the MLS the ability to send listings to Google while still allowing the brokers to opt out, we are creating a winning solution for all members. Google provides a huge amount of additional exposure for the agents' listings and a wonderful service to sellers," said Bill Andrews, Rapattoni's national sales manager.

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