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2007-03-17 11:34:00

'Rain City Guide' is RealTown Blog of the Day

Rain City Guide
Dustin Luther
Seattle, WA

I remember when Rain City Guide was born. Multi-author blogging was a new concept and I remember how difficult it was at The Real Estate Blog Squad to generate content. I put together a great roster of names, there were few posts from some wonderful bloggers, but I was unable to muster the time to rally the support it needed as a multi-author showcase.

Rain City Guide had a different formula for a multi-user blog. Dustin Luther's blueprint for RCG in Seattle was brilliant and the blog got a lot of traction in its infancy. Bloggers who are real estate specialists contribute content to a single venue in a winning format that earns Rain City Guide a reputation as a clear standout among blogging pioneers. My favorite Rain City Guide contributor is Ardell DellaLoggia, an early Blog of the Day honoree for her RealTown blog.

There is good legal insight from Russ Cofano, more legalspeak from Craig Blackmon, and instructional content from Jillayne Schlicke, as well as input from a battery of Seattle area experts.

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