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2009-08-11 17:13:57

R. E. Marketing Strategies: Why Is It That Even The Very Best Receive Coaching?


Have you ever wondered why even the very best, in any profession receive coaching? Have you ever thought about why a top-notch athlete, like Tiger Woods, would need coaching?
Why is it that so many successful real estate agents have used coaching to get to the top?
There's a saying that “7% of all the agents do 93% of all the business… and the rest don't have coaches.” What do the top 7% know that the 93% don't know? This article will answer this question and many more about why even the very best receive coaching.
What is coaching?
When coaching first became a profession about 15 years ago, people didn’t know what it meant to have a coach. If you told them you had a coach, they would ask, “What sport are you in?”
In 1995, Newsweek ran an article that predicted that coaching would become the fastest-growing profession. Not only that, but instead of people asking, “What’s coaching?” they would be asking, “Who is your coach?”
That prediction has come true. Coaching has become the fastest growing profession.
Why do real estate agents often work with Business Coaches?
Having been a real estate business Coach for over 12 years, I have noticed the profound need that real estate agents have for a Business Coach. Why is this?
Real estate agents, always need to be “on”, they are always selling to the public. If you are real estate agent, you know this to be true. Your level of confidence needs to be continually high to attract clients.
You are aware of how easy it is to get distracted. There are always multiple demands on your time. Many agents come to me complaining that they are feeling scattered and they want my help to get focused and stay focused.
Prospecting is a big part of your work, and unless you are a natural extrovert, it takes a lot to pick up the phone and start calling people. I am amazed at how many agents, when they first come to me, are even scared to call up their former clients or their sphere of influence.
Using the right marketing strategies is imperative. If you are spending a lot of time and money on the wrong ones, you’re in big trouble and a coach can spot that mistake right away and help you make the right decisions.
With the changing market, mindset has become more important than ever. A negative view of today’s current market will lower your confidence significantly, reducing your sales and overall income. Now more than ever, real estate agents need coaches to help them see the opportunities in every market.
If you are a seasoned agent, you know how easy it is to fall into a slump or “hit the wall” as someone was telling me today. When you hit the wall, it’s somewhat like being in quicksand. Try as you might, you can’t pull yourself out.
Last but not least, there is the issue of support. As a real estate agent, think of how many people you support on a daily basis. You are the support for all of your clients, all of your former clients, all of your prospects, and if you have kids, you are their support as well.
Who supports you? Who can you count on to lean on for yourself? This is where coaching fills a big need. When you have a coach, you have a committed ally, someone who is in your corner from week to week and is rooting for your success. How supportive do you think that feels? In addition, the coach can help you to see your “blind spots” and move past them.
Why do some people “resist” receiving coaching?
A reason that people often give is “I can't afford it.” This actually turns out to be bogus, for the simple reason that coaching pays for itself. I ask my clients to think of how many transactions they need to close to pay for coaching. The answer is always the same. “The coaching pays for itself.” Why? Because one transaction will cover the cost of coaching many times over.
So if money is not the real reason, then why do people resist something that would help them?
In my 12 years of coaching, plus my 20 years before that of being a psychologist, I have noticed that the real reasons people resist coaching are issues that they are unaware of. Here’s what I have discovered:
Most people have a hidden belief that goes like this, “I have to do it alone.” The idea of having someone help them does not fit in with their mindset. They think it means that they are not as good as they should be. I always remind these people that even Tiger Woods has a coach. Why? Because he has blind spots and we all have blind spots.
Many people unknowingly have a block about “receiving.” Have you noticed that some people cannot even receive a compliment? These same people pride themselves in being givers. There’s nothing wrong with being a giver, but unless you can also receive, you are not in balance. Stephen Covey advises us, “Make sure that every interaction is a win/win.” In other words, you should be giving and receiving and being open to receiving guidance.
If your business is growing steadily, year after year, you probably don’t need a business Coach, unless you feel unbalanced between your personal and professional life.
On the other hand, if you’ve been struggling with getting more clients, getting more listings, and having a balanced lifestyle, then it’s time to let go of the belief that you can do it alone. It’s time to receive help from a coach or a mentor.
Be sure that whoever you choose, has plenty of experience, and specializes in the particular issues that are currently a challenge for you.
 Dr. Maya Bailey, author of, Law of Attraction for Real Estate Professionals, integrates 20 years of experience as a psychologist and 12 years as a business coach with her expertise in the Law of Attraction. Her powerful work creates a success formula for real estate professionals ready to double and triple their incomes. Get Dr. Maya's free report, 7 Simple Strategies For More Clients in 90 Days, by visiting  

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