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2011-11-25 19:53:59

Quiz: How “Referral Worthy” Are You?


Think you’re “Referral Worthy”? How good a job are you doing in getting referrals in real estate? What can you be doing better? Answer the below questions and see for yourself.

Start the quiz here:

01 I’m constantly asking for referrals from those around me T F
02 When I ask for referrals, I mention who might benefit from my services and give examples of people referrers can potentially refer to me (for example, church group members, immediate family members, colleagues) T F
03 I schedule consistent ‘keep in touch’ calls with my contacts T F
04 I’m consistently sending out mailers and/ or emails to my sphere so I can remain ‘top of mind’ T F
05 In my email signature and in all my emails and marketing pieces, I state how important referrals are to my business T F
06 I reward people who refer others to me. I thank them in person and send them a card and a meaningful gift. I know the impact of a ‘thank you’ and what it means to show referrers that I am appreciative T F
07 I let my referrers know the outcome of the referral and keep them ‘in the loop’ T F
08 I position myself as an expert on all things home related and recommend various service providers that are able to meet my clients needs T F
09 I position myself as someone who provides truly unique and one of a kind services T F
10 I sponsor local teams/ and or organizations to get my name out in the community and generate goodwill T F
11 I use a real estate CRM system to schedule and organize my ‘keep in touch’ and communication activities with everyone in my sphere of influence T F
12 I give my all to each client and I do whatever I can to make sure they’re 110% satisfied with my services T F
13 I’m committed to introducing myself to at least one new referral source each week. T F

See how you scored:

10 or more true answers: You’re a referrals expert.  You have the right mindset when running your business and you know that getting referrals doesn’t “just happen.” You work in a highly proactive manner and understand what success in real estate sales means.

7-9 true answers: You’re on the right track but you still have some work to do to ensure you’re 100% “Referral Worthy” and doing everything you can to get the most return from your past clients.

4-6 true answers:  You may be doing some things right but there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done to become truly “Referral Worthy.” Your mindset towards getting referrals also needs to change.

3 or less true answers: You need serious help to get on the right track to becoming “Referral Worthy.”

Building a referrals-based business starts with a real estate contact management software. Why? Because it will allow you to schedule and keep track of all your communication and keep in touch activities with your contacts. You’ll also be able to create drip marketing campaigns so you can remain top of mind. It’ll help you track your referrals and analyze how good you’re doing at getting them. A real estate CRM also should have a built-in business directory so you can build up a list of reputable service providers, categorize them by job type, and then easily recommend their services to your clients. You can sign up for a FREE 5-week trial of IXAT Contact at You’ll be happy you did!

We want to know: How many “true” answers did you get?

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