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2007-07-24 15:08:00

Point2 Technologies Launches Facebook Neighborhoods Application

Saskatoon, SK and Vancouver, BC – Point2 Technologies Inc. (“Point2”) have announced the launch of a new application that integrates Point2 Neighborhoods into Facebook. The application is designed to organize Facebook users worldwide around neighborhoods, and can be found at

The new application leverages Point2’s global neighborhoods database to allow Facebook users to organize themselves following a Country, State, City and Neighborhood hierarchy. The database is currently used to organize member listings on Point2 NLS (National Listing Service) and on Point2’s property search portal,

Once the application is added to their profile, a Facebook user will be able to meet neighbors, view and share information about their neighborhood, and check or add local events such as a party down the street or a garage sale.

The application provides to Facebook a new way to increase member interaction, particularly by helping to improve awareness and communication between members in the same neighborhood, town or city.

The Point2 application will now also stream relevant Point2 NLS home listings, right to Facebook user profile(s). The listings can be shared with the users’ Facebook contacts using a simple ‘share this listing’ link, and all leads will be directed back to the listing real estate agents.

“Point2 Neighborhoods adds tangible value to the Facebook community and gives Point2 a strategic, first mover advantage in helping to organize Facebook around a broader set of cities and neighborhoods,” said Brendan King, chief operating officer of Point2 Technologies.

“We are constantly investing in new ways to maximize exposure for our member listings online. Syndicating Point2 NLS listings to Facebook positions our members and Point2 NLS to benefit significantly from the community’s exponential growth,” added King.

Facebook is the fastest growing web site on the Internet with 25 million users and over 100,000 new registrations each day. Active users have doubled since September 2006.

Point2 NLS members, now over 140,000 in 86 countries can simply add the new application to their Facebook accounts by clicking on a link found in their Online Office.

Point2 NLS and Facebook users can send out invitations to their friends to join their new neighborhoods on Facebook, potentially creating rapid viral adoption of Point2 Neighborhoods.

About Point2 Technologies Inc.

Point2 Technologies provides online marketing and eBusiness software solutions for the real estate and heavy equipment industries. Leveraging Point2 proprietary and patented technology, Point2 develops and markets software solutions that enable organizations to conduct business over the Internet more easily and more profitably. The Company is the largest provider of online marketing and lead management software for real estate professionals, with over 140,000 brokers and agents subscribing to Point2 NLS, in 86 countries. Membership in Point2 NLS continues to grow by over 1,000 additional members each week.

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