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2007-02-08 18:50:00

Point2 Agent Unveils REliberation for Real Estate Agents

Saskatoon, SK and Vancouver, BC –– Point2 Technologies Inc. (“Point2”) today announced REliberation™, an online blogging community for progressive Point2 NLS™ (National Listing Service) real estate professionals. The self-governed community is designed to empower members, enabling them to collaborate, share knowledge, promote and drive the future success of the profession, and advance key industry issues through discussion, debate and opinion sharing.

The Beta site made its debut on January 26, 2007, and quickly attracted hundreds of authors and contributors discussing key issues such as the role of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), lead generation services and disintermediation, technology overload, blogging and, market conditions.

“REliberation is a unique venue and resource centre where forward-thinking professionals can share new vision and ideas, ask tough questions, and more importantly, work together to promote awareness around key issues and opportunities to help influence positive change and action in the industry, and drive a more prosperous future for the profession,” said Brendan King, CEO, Point2 Technologies Inc.

“We’re empowering the fast growing base of National Listing Service members with one more tool they can leverage to take back the future of real estate. Many want to gain back complete control and choice over whom they choose to do business, and where their listings get advertised. REliberation is where discussions focus on building the value of the real estate professional and organized real estate marketing, for the benefit of both consumers and the industry alike,” added King.

Blogs posted on will also be shared on the real estate portal,, to further increase visibility and encourage wider industry participation.

All leads generated on REliberation are driven back to the listing broker or agent, with no intermediaries in between.

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