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2009-02-19 18:18:12

Point2 Agent for MAC and Linux Enables Mobile Account Access on PDAs and iPhone


Point2 Technologies Inc. (“Point2”) has announced the release of its highly anticipated browser and platform neutral Point2 Agent website and listing syndication solution.

The upgrade will allow Point2’s customers in over 100 countries to use their preferred operating system (OS), be it Windows® PC, Macintosh® or Linux. Users will also be able to access their Point2 Agent account through their browser of choice including Internet Explorer (IE) 6.1 or higher, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari and others.
Mobile account access through smartphones and handheld devices including the iPhone, Blackberry and other PDAs is now also enabled, further helping to enhance user experience, convenience and productivity on the road.
“A cross-browser, cross-platform Point2 Agent brings a significant new edge to our customers who today are making more diverse hardware and software choices,” said Saul Klein, Chief Executive Officer, Point2 Technologies. “We continue to invest in building powerful yet easy-to-use solutions. By facilitating hardware and browser choices, we’re now enabling real estate professionals to conduct their business within flexible, convenient environments where they can more easily tap the tools with which they are most comfortable and productive.”
Net Applications, a company that tracks operating system use and market share by looking at results from search engines reported a 9.93 percent share of Apple OS users for January 2009, up from 9.63 percent the previous month.
Browser share reported for the same month indicate Microsoft's Internet Explorer at its lowest since Net Applications began tracking browsers in 2005. According to the report, IE users now comprise 67.6 percent of the browsers online. In the prior 12 months, IE share dropped by about 8 percent.
With full compatibility with Apple’s Internet browser, Safari, Point2 Agent users will no longer need to switch to Windows in order to take advantage of the Point2 Agent online marketing and lead management suite, potentially saving them valuable time and effort.

Mozilla's Firefox, Apple's Safari, and Google Chrome continue to gain market share. Safari's share of 8.3 percent, recorded for January 2009, was a record for Apple.
According to research firm Gartner, Inc., Apple’s total share of the PC market in the United States for the 4th quarter of 2008 stood at 8 percent. For the third quarter of 2008, the firm reported the iPhone leapt to third place in global smartphone sales.
About Point2 Technologies Inc.
Point2 Technologies develops and markets web-based e-commerce and online marketing software solutions for the real estate and heavy equipment industries. In real estate, Point2 is the largest independent provider of website and listing syndication software for real estate professionals (, with customers in over 100 countries. Point2’s real estate user base continues to grow by over 1000 additional members each week. Point2 also owns and operates the real estate consumer search portal, Point2 Homes (
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Point2 Technologies Inc.
Roger Noujeim
Vice President of Public Relations
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