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December 14, 2018

Open House Strategies

Follow these steps to turn open house visitors into viable leads.

Open House Checklist

I am able to obtain accurate contact information from most open house visitors.

I have a strategy for adding neighbors that visit my open house to my referral


I have a strategy for converting open house buyer prospects into solid buyer leads.

I have a strategy for converting open house seller prospects into signed listings.

At every open house I host, I’m prepared to write an offer if a buyer decides to

purchase the property.

When an open house visitor doesn’t like the property I’m holding open, I know how to

motivate buyer leads to work with me using “switches.”

I normally host a contest or a drawing for each property I hold open.

I’m comfortable handling lukewarm visitors to my open house.

I consistently follow up with all my open house leads.

I hold both traditional and broker open houses.

I hold 24-7 web open houses.

I hold “Invite-a-friend” open houses.

Ten Strategies for Turning: Open House Visitors into Viable Leads

Your ability to convert open house leads into signed business will depend on how well you 
followed the guidelines in Module 7 and how well you master the scripts in this module. This module outlines ten key strategies for converting open house visitors into viable leads. The strategies are summarized below and are followed by the supporting scripts. Remember, repetition is the name of the game when it comes to mastering scripts. Listen to the scripts while driving. Write them down and paste them on your bathroom mirror. Keep repeating the scripts until you can say them effortlessly without thinking about it.

Strategy 1: Greet your visitors and have them sign the guest register

Strategy 2: Obtain a valid name and phone number

Strategy 3: Use your Email newsletter or other offer as a closing strategy

Strategy 4: When the visitor is a buyer, ask what made the buyer stop to look at the


Strategy 5:  Honor other agents’ buyer relationships

Strategy 6:  If the lead must sell before they purchase, close for a listing appointment.

Strategy 7: If the lead wants to write an offer, do so immediately.

Strategy 8: Use “switches” to close reluctant open house visitors.

Strategy 9: Use a drawing or contest to motivate people to give you good contact data.

Strategy 10: Ask questions as you show the open house.

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