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2008-07-18 18:34:25

Online Voting Adoption on the Rise

One Person One Voice, Online VotingSeeking a safe, secure and effective way to conduct your association’s voting? Look no further than InternetCrusade’s "One Person, One Voice" Election and Survey System.
This state-of-the-art online system is the best solution to assure that results are secure, timely and accurate… each and every time, and in "Real-Time".  
The ease of use of the "One Person, One Voice" Election and Survey system includes specially designed features and options allowing for the highest possible voter turnout and security with multi-level authentication and real-time reporting through a secure password-protected management control panel.
Associations across the U.S. and in Canada are reporting outstanding results and significant increases in member participation.
The Orange County Association of REALTORS® in Southern California has seen an incredible increase in participation. This year, the voter turnout was nearly double over 2007. “We have been using Internet Crusade for our Association Election for the past seven years and have been most pleased with their product and service", said Linda Lang, CEO of OCAR.

Other Associations are also reporting excellent results, not only in terms of increased membership participation, but in the ease in the process and the reduced workload.
“Our Association recently instituted an online member survey and our first online voting initiative for our Board of Directors", said Vince Bankoski, Former Vice President Operations for the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®. “In both instances, InternetCrusade was our ‘partner’ in these endeavors… The staff at InternetCrusade handled each challenge with alacrity. It was a genuine pleasure to work with Tim Fears, and the IC staff, who were always patient, and reacted positively to our every request and modification. We were especially pleased with the on-line voting results, which were more than double any previous turnout.”
Christian Fortin, Member Relations for the Greater Montréal Real Estate Board, also had praise for the One Person, One Voice voting system. This election was conducted in two languages. “The Election Committee is extremely happy with the results.” The board reported that during the fourth year of participating in the One Person, One Vote program, 30.5% of their members took part in the electronic elections with 2,953 of 9,670 voting in a five-day span, which was also the biggest turnout by percentage for that time frame.
The neighboring Toronto Real Estate Board also reported excellent results. “Internet Crusade has now successfully handled two online voting elections for our Board of Directors,” said Von Palmer, Director of Government Relations and Chief Privacy Officer for the Board. “The staff is professional, responsive and we are pleased with the process. Our Board has over 24,000 REALTOR® Members and our requirements were met. The system is user friendly and, moreover, the Internet Crusade crew is a pleasure to work with.”
Terese Penza, President & Chief Operating Officer of the North Shore - Barrington Association of REALTORS®, also had high praise for the voting system. “Internet Crusade's voting program is an invaluable service to us! We send an excel sheet with the names, e-mails and amount of weighted vote per Designated REALTOR® and Internet Crusade does the rest. The association can monitor the responses and easily email another reminder to vote. Internet Crusade then tabulates the results. I would never go back to the paper mess again!”
Currently, 44 Organizations use InternetCrusade’s One Person, One Voice Secure Voting and Survey system. The system is easy to use and covers various election types including:
  • By-Laws
  • Officers & Board of Directors
  • Nominations
  • Group membership Integration (Commercial, Affiliates, MLS)
  • By-Proxy
  • Regional
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Surveys
 For pricing or more information, contact Tim Fears, Association Service Director for InternetCrusade at 1-866-377-0627 or e-mail him at

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