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2007-03-02 09:53:00

Northern VA Real Estate Is Blog of the Day

Northern VA Real Estate Notes
Julie Emery
Greater Piedemont, VA

 Boy, do I wish that other blogs were as easy to read as this one!

Northern VA Real Estate Notes contains lots of good advice in a conversational dialogue with its readers. The author engages consumers and colleagues to share their thoughts and experiences. My 50-something eyes appreciate her choice of amply sized text and I like the alternative color change from black to blue in a blog that is predominantly a text format.

Julie Emery engages her readership for ideas in a "green marketing" campaign, the first I have seen on  a blog!  (Someone call Al Gore!!) She explores the death of print advertising and marketing realities, buttressed by observations of industry ntable John Tucillo, and presents an illustrated focus on local businesses. My personal favorite entry on this blog is a visit with Guest Blogger Joeann Fossland on Joeann's Coachadelic Blog Tour for CARE. This is clearly a blog with a big heart.

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