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2007-09-10 13:03:00

New Book Offers Hope to Agents Building Real Estate Teams

Dirk ZellerReal Estate Champions, Inc (REC) has announced  completion of The Champion Real Estate Team (McGraw-Hill Trade) and its debut is expected mid-October. Author, Dirk Zeller, has been chosen to write this follow-up title to his recent release, The Champion Real Estate Agent, to address the rise in growth of real estate teams.

CEO, Dirk Zeller, states, "The buzz word in real estate today is 'teams'. I see more agents today trying to establish teams in their practices than ever before, and they are trying to create them much earlier in their careers. I even see agents with less than one year in their businesses (who are marginally successful) trying to attract others to work with them in that unstable environment. Because of this new 'business plan du jour', we're releasing The Champion Real Estate Team to serve as a tool for agents needing a blueprint (or road map) of how to build, grow, and manage (from start to finish) a successful real estate team."

Your First Year in Real Estate, Dirk Zeller's first book, lays out a plan to help brand-new agents decide what kind of agent they want to be and how to choose the office they should start with. Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies lays a foundation of essential, real-world, time-tested, and proven knowledge that any real estate agent needs in order to at the top of their market. It covers basic to intermediate skills. Dirk's third book, released November 2006, The Champion Real Estate Agent, picked up where the Dummies book left off and covers intermediate to advanced skills and tactics. Its sequel, Dirk's newest release, The Champion Real Estate Team, is written to reveal the pathway and steps to take to reach the pinnacle of real estate sales production through a team.

Here's what Team Coaching Clients of Real Estate Champions have to say about Dirk's new book:

"If you want to build a team…a really successful Champion Real Estate Team…there's not another company on the planet that can help you do it the way Real Estate Champions can." -- John Gualtieri, RE/MAX Action Realty, Horsham, PA

"I highly recommend that any agent who has an existing team, or is in the building process of one, contact Real Estate Champions. They were instrumental in helping me through the building and sale of my brokerage, building my Champion Real Estate Team (that consistently achieved top 100 status in the nation), and finally helping me to retire to the life I could only dream of." -- Missy Vanderbilt, The Missy Vanderbilt Team, Dallas, TX

A highly experienced agent in a NEW market working with Real Estate Champions … "I was able to BREAKTHROUGH to more than double my sales in the first year from 80 to 184 units sold and became the #1 Agent in my market. Today I run a successful team of 70 agents." -- Sheila Gunderson, Exit Realty Group of Medford, OR

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