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2011-10-11 06:30:54 Android Tablets Become More And More Popular


There is no doubt that the android tablet PC is getting popular in 2011 because of its amazing portability, functionality and convenience. In fact, these criterion is the reason why people from all over the world consider it as a must have gadgets to own.
Maybe for most people who did not know about the android 2.2 tablet PC would simply think it is a wireless computer that is larger than the smartphone but smaller than notebook. Nowadays, you can see different android tablet in the market of all area, some are rugged, conventional, slate and hybrid tablet.
The android 2.2 tablet PC ONDA Vi10 on, now has longer battery life, bigger memory capacity, handwriting software, wireless access, good screen resolution and so much other additional functions that would make anyone feel good using it. The constantly innovation is the main reason why Android tablet become a hotcake.
The excellent of the android 2.3 tablet is in the fact that you can do everything with it, like exploring the world on the tablet without going anywhere. This is not just another small PC that you can take anywhere with you but a total gadget that you can use to multiple tasked.
If there have something difficult for you to own a ipad, hapad Android 2.3 android tablet would be a better choice as this is much cheaper on The features that makes the device worth every penny is the 512 RMA, 8GB ROM, flash 10.1 and an external memory of 32 GB using a microSD card. This comes also with an 8” capacitive touchscreen, microphone access, built in stereo and speakers that comes with an earphone jack. You also get a 2.0 USB cable.
The Android tablet is possible to use like your own personal laptops computer, and even more convenient to use it to read ebooks, browse the internet, receive emails, view pictures, watch movies, play games whenever and wherever.
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