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2010-07-06 18:44:16

Persistence Pays

Most salespeople get up from the negotiating table way too soon. How many times have you finished a listing presentation and you know you’ve done a great job but the client still hesitates, saying something like “we just want to think about it”? This is when many people would get up from the table, thank them and ask how long they will need to think it over (which is exactly the WRONG thing to do).

As a professional, you need to have the persistence to stay at the table and find out exactly what it is they need to think about. Determination is so important in our business. Never give up too soon. Stay put and work it out. You are so close to a signature, don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Watch this short video tip to find out how a little persistence will increase your sales:

I wish you great success this month!

Chris Leader is the Founder and President of Leader’s Edge Training.  As one of North America's premier real estate and mortgage sales training companies, Leader's Edge Training has helped thousands of salespeople earn more money and have better balance in their lives. As Founder and Master Trainer, Chris Leader & his team of real estate & mortgage presenters show others the secrets of lasting success. Helping agents master sales fundamentals, lead generation, prospecting, personal marketing, listing and pricing strategies, objection handling, business planning, time management, contact management systems, client presentations, goal setting and so much more.

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