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2007-03-05 11:50:00

Montana Assn. of REALTORS Publishes Blog of the Day

Montana Assn. of REALTORS
Helena, MT

The Risk Management Blog of the Montana Assn. of REALTORS is not open to the public, it sits behind password protected entry for members only. As far as we can determine, this is the first REALTOR Risk Management Blog in the country. Oregon attorney Matt Farmer recently told association executives at their national confab that a risk management blog is an information tool that associations can use to build value for their members. "Blogs and hotlines go together like peas and carrots," he said. Legal hotlines provide information to single members, and blogs offer associations a way to communicate that information to its members at large, as well as inviting comment. We cannot access Montana's blog, but the association members CAN, and that's what counts. Congratulations, Montana Assn. of REALTORS, on taking a proactive role in educating your membership about risk management using 21st century communication!

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