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2007-09-12 09:33:00

Mid-Size Florida Board Chooses EZList Global Spanish Translation

The Punta Gorda-Port Charlotte-North Port Assn. of REALTORS will be the first board in the United States to utilize EZList GLOBAL. It is expected to go-live in mid September. EZList GLOBAL will provide the 2,200-member board with its Spanish translation program. It has been specifically designed to help board members increase their reach to the ever increasing Spanish language population in Southwest Florida while also providing new, advanced MLS features to the general membership.

EZList GLOBAL Spanish Translation product comes to Florida. This is the first  system of its kind with such a high degree of sophistication. Now real estate professionals and their valued customers will have the ability, with a single click,  to convert their current MLS system from English to Spanish and vice versa.

This amazing product WORKS WITH ANY MLS SYSTEM via a simple RETS feed or a FTP feed. You may also have read about this new technology from Saul Klein, President and CEO of InternetCrusade and the co-founder of RealTown communities. Not only does it work with any MLS system but due to demand we have revised the flexibility of this product even more. It can now be installed per the following.

  1. Yes, It can work with the entire MLS regional system.
  2. Now it can also be applied to a particular Board within a regional system without the entire regional having to join.
  3.  It can also be applied to just offices or firms.
  4. It can also be applied to individual users.

Often a REALTOR Board/MLS or Regional group has monthly or bi-monthly membership meetings and invites us to the program docket for a particular meeting. This is a good way to allow those who attend to get a brief introduction to the product and what it can do for them. After that they know just how important this product is to their members and their Spanish speaking customers.

There are specific areas of the country where there is a huge demand and we have identified California as one of those target areas. Spanish is a little different in Miami, South Texas, and San Diego … even more so in Puerto Rico, El Salvador and Mexico. So we have a custom dictionary for each area and each country. We make every effort to make sure that local idioms are utilized.

(James A. Crumbaugh III has lived in California and now resides in Florida. He has also traveled in Mexico extensively and loves the Latino culture. They care about their families first, and that is what life is all about, said Crumbaugh.)

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