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2007-06-19 15:59:00

Mayflower Transit Releases Podcast Series

Whether you are moving from the dorms into your first home, or in the midst of your third job relocation, a few extra tips for managing your transition are always helpful. In keeping up with today’s online world, Mayflower Transit has released the Your Best Move podcast series so listeners can plug in their portable media devices, download the latest episode and listen on the go. 

Episode 1, “Movin’ Green,” looks at the best ways to make your next move more environmentally friendly: how to pack, donate, dispose and move items with the least ecological impact. This podcast provides tips on how to deal with all of the “stuff” that tends to accumulate over a lifetime, how to safely transport and dispose of hazardous materials and the best ways to find waste and recycling services in your new city.
Episode 2, “Movin’ in the City,” focuses on the special challenges of moving in an urban area. While the proximity to museums, restaurants and urban employers are benefits to living in an urban area, the complexity of making a seamless move can be quite frustrating. This episode simplifies the urban moving process with tips on parking, scheduling, elevators, security and making good first impressions, as well as pointers on how to do your due diligence prior to selecting a professional mover.

Episode 3, “Moving Home Electronics,” offers suggestions on how to deal with electronics that can be complicated to move and expensive to replace. This podcast covers ways to dismantle and safely pack a home computer and printer and how to keep expensive large-screen, plasma and LCD televisions safe during the moving process. Tips on using everyday items found in the home to help safely pack electronics of all sizes are also provided.

The Your Best Move podcasts can be found on Apple’s iTunes as well as at the Mayflower site.

About Mayflower Transit

Mayflower Transit, founded in 1927, is proud to celebrate its 80th anniversary this year. As one of the nation’s oldest and largest van lines, Mayflower transports household goods, electronic equipment, trade show exhibits and displays, works of art, and specialized freight, utilizing a network of 700 affiliated agents throughout the United States and around the world. Mayflower’s headquarters offices are located in suburban St. Louis. Further information about the company is available at

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