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2008-11-06 23:06:31

Market Leader Launches New Products

Market Leader (NASDAQ: LEDR) introduced two innovative new services today to help growth oriented real estate agents be more responsive to consumers’ changing needs and preferences.  Growth Leader and Team Leader each expand on Market Leader’s nine-year track record of providing innovative marketing and technology solutions that help real estate professionals grow and manage their businesses.

Set to be unveiled before thousands of real estate professionals at the National Association of REALTORS® Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando this weekend, the company’s new products join Market Leader’s growing lineup of industry-leading, results-driven marketing solutions. 

“With the introduction of Growth Leader and Team Leader we now have a complete family of next generation products that cater to growth oriented real estate agents, agent teams, and real estate brokerage companies,” Market Leader CEO Ian Morris said.  “One-third of all real estate agents bucked the down market and grew their business this year by leveraging the power of the Internet, and we are proud to serve these innovative real estate leaders.”  

Growth Leader and Team Leader are both built on Market Leader’s proven and highly successful RealtyGenerator technology platform.  RealtyGenerator’s powerful lead generation and client management system has been continually enhanced over the past five years and currently powers more than 200 innovative brokerage companies around the nation. 

Real estate broker and Market Leader customer Lou Kaufmann credits the company’s technology for his success in this turbulent market:  “I have been in this business for over 33 years, and this is the best program I have found. As my agents tell me, ‘It’s a gold mine.’”

New Research Demonstrates Power of the Internet in Real Estate
A new research study conducted by Lives of Real Estate (LORE) Magazine shows that despite a major real estate downturn, 32% percent of agents grew their business in 2008.  According to the research, those agents pointed to two primary drivers of their success: ongoing investments in online marketing and advertising, and the use technology to engage and cultivate relationships with prospects. Growth Leader and Team Leader address both of these opportunities.

Growth Leaderwas designed for real estate agents focused on growing their business.  Ithelps agents do this by enabling them to cost-effectively generate a steady stream of prospects to their personal web site while providing a powerful contact management solution that helps convert those prospects into clients. 

Team Leader is the first real estate marketing solution designed to address the specific needs of real estate agent teams.  It enables those teams to generate a steady stream of prospects, and convert those prospects into clients while also providing them with the tools to recruit and retain agents and manage their team.  This enables teams to provide better service to their clients, while giving them a competitive edge in attracting new clients.
About Market Leader, Inc.
Market Leader (NASDAQ: LEDR) provides real estate professionals with innovative marketing and technology solutions that enable them to grow and manage their business. Founded in 1999 by a second-generation real estate agent, Market Leader provides real estate agents, agent teams, and brokerage companies with subscription software and advertising products that enable them to generate a steady stream of prospects, as well as the tools and training they need to convert these prospects into clients.
With a long history of innovation, Market Leader pioneered online lead generation for real estate professionals a decade ago and today is the leading marketing partner to the real estate industry. The company also provides consumers with free access to the information and tools they need throughout the home buying and selling process through its national consumer real estate sites.  
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Market Leader, Inc
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