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March 1, 2019

Making Social Media Work for You

You’ve heard it a million times and you know it’s true: Real estate is a people business. It was, it is, and it always will be.

Let the Naysayers Fly!

Oh sure, there were naysayers who predicted the Internet would wipe out the profession. But to the contrary, those who adapted and learned how to put the Internet on their team have enjoyed some fun trips to the bank. Now agents are tapping another aspect of the Internet, blogging – a form of what’s being called “social media.” It’s a log published on the web (hence the name).  According to the National Association of REALTORS® Member Profile, only 4% of its members have blogs.

So, it’s still in the cradle stage. But clearly, certain aspects appear to be a perfect match for real estate. Why? Because it’s another way to connect with people – namely current and potential clients. Real estate professionals are using blogs to reach out and cement their relationships with current clients and create new relationships with the buying and selling the public.

The more successful bloggers are writing about what matters to past customers, such as rising property values and home improvement. And for potential clients, agents are sharing information about what’s happening in their farm areas like development, schools and home prices. And of course, blogs are a way to talk about your particular strengths. For example, you can mention in your writing some statistics on what your list-to-sell ratios are, days on the market and what your average sale prices are. You can even add digital video to your blog – got a great listing? Take a video of it (inside and out) and put it on your blog as a virtual tour. Talk about creating word of mouth.

A Living Newsletter

So you can think of a blog as a living newsletter that’s ultra-current and with a warm, personal feel. And it obviously adds transparency and openness to your business – items highly valued in today’s marketplace. Plus, it’s a way to stand out from your competition. Like it or not, your current and future potential clients are – and will be – using the Internet, and blogging is a way to warm up your relationships in this impersonal medium.

Many say the key to blogging is staying with it, being consistent and keeping information current. Otherwise, people have no reason to read your blog. We’ve all visited Web sites with defunct listings and old news. It’s a total waste of time. Visitors expect to see active listings, fresh data, and useful information. So blogging is a commitment of time (however, you can have an assistant do the typing, much like you might write a letter). And be sure to reply quickly to any feedback or comments you get.

The next step is to let people know you’re blogging. Include it in all your advertising and marketing materials. Something like “Join me on my blog for the latest up-to-date real estate information in Anytown, USA!” And don’t expect millions to come flocking in the beginning. It’s about starting small and building an audience slowly.

So you can see this is as much about service as anything. And that’s a key point I want you to remember. Because this is a people business, it’s also a service business. Take a minute and visit my website. I don’t care about how much technology you have, if you’re not serving your clients with exceptional service, all the technology in the world won’t matter.

Bob Corcoran is a nationally recognized speaker who is founder and president of Corcoran Consulting Inc.

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Making Social Media Work for You

March 1, 2019

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