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2011-04-08 17:04:49

5 Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Home

Looking for some low cost ways to improve your home?  We’ve got some suggestions that just might help!


A big thing for a lot of people…. The KITCHEN!  You can completely change and improve the look of your kitchen by simply painting your cabinets and adding new handles or knobs to them. To ultimately get the best look, first sand them down, then prime them and paint them. By doing this yourself, you can save a lot of money! Adding some backsplash also gives it an appealing look. 


Another easy way to improve your home’s appeal?  Replace old or outdated light fixtures with new up-to-date ones! This doesn’t have to be too costly and adds to the appeal of your home.


If you have old, worn out and stained carpeting then you better believe that replacing it will make a big difference.  It will make the room look a lot nicer, fresher, and in better condition. This doesn’t mean you have to replace ALL your carpeting – just the carpeting that needs the most attention. This will help you only spend what you HAVE to for this project, keeping the costs down.


Looking for a really simple improvement? In one word: Paint.  Painting a room freshens things up and can really improve the look. Go with a nice, warm neutral color.  Wall paper is no fun to deal with to remove, but nowadays most people prefer paint over wallpaper. It adds to the neutrality of the room. So if you have any “busy” wallpaper in the house, strip it and paint the walls instead! If you feel it’s necessary to have wallpaper, in some instances you could go with paintable wall paper. It’s neutral, adds texture to the wall, and you can paint over it with a nice color for a warm homey feel.


If you have old windows, you’re probably getting more than enough draft coming into the house through them. This will cost you in your heating bills during the winter and is a negative if you want to sell your home. Replace an old drafty window with a new one and save yourself the costs. If you have several old windows in need of replacing, then replace them one at a time as you’re able. Besides that, if you purchase an Energy Star window, you may even be eligible to receive a tax credit at the end of this year.


A little recap: Paint your kitchen cabinets & add new knobs. Replace old light fixtures. Replace your old, worn out carpeting.  Paint a room.  Replace old windows.  Why not try one or two of these and see the improvements in your home?


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