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2007-08-27 12:02:00

lore Live Launched

Anne Randolph is the Editor and Founder of lore Magazinelore Magazine, a magazine devoted to profiling fascinating individuals in the residential real estate industry, has launched a new and compelling series of interviews called “lore Live.” lore Magazine, currently distributed to top agents and leading brokers, is thrilled about the launch of their new podcast videos. The new additions to the lore “brand” are five-to-10-minute podcast videos covering key issues such as the future role of the broker in the transaction, the need versus cost of technology, among other relevant topics.

Industry leaders, including Steve Murray of REAL Trends, Larry Kendall of The Group Inc, Brendan King of Point2 Technologies, and Scott Kucirek of Prudential California/Texas/Nevada, and founder of Zip Realty, will participate in the discussions. “We always new that lore would present the residential real estate industry in many different media formats and we are thrilled to have these podcast videos to share with our readers,” says Anne Randolph, publisher of lore.

Available on the lore Magazine web site,, and through podcast portals such as iTunes, the podcasts also include behind-the-scenes footage and additional perspective on the intriguing people covered in lore Magazine. They can be viewed as a podcast, in MP3 format, or on a computer screen. Subscription is free which assures access to all interviews and videos. Additional podcasts will debut each month, and all interviews in the series will be archived.

lore Magazine is the magazine about the people in the residential real estate industry. lore Magazine content is available both in print and online at, where “lore Live” is also available. lore was founded in 2004 by Anne Randolph and Steve Murray, Denver real estate consultants who together have provided business and consumer trends research in the residential real estate industry for over 35 years. In three years, lore has come to be considered by its nearly 40,000 readers to be an authoritative voice on the lives of the people who drive the real estate industry.

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