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2008-07-28 18:56:57

LeapRE™ Announces the Release of DotHomeSM

LeapRE™, the creators of productivity and marketing technology solutions for top performing agents, announced the release of DotHomeSM while exhibiting at the Inman Connect trade show in San Francisco. LeapRE is a Bronze Sponsor of the conference and demonstrated the DotHomeSM solution there.

DotHomeSM is an advanced marketing platform that allows agents and brokers to make better decisions about their advertising dollars, resulting in significant cost savings.

The DotHomeSM platform provides syndication using powerful distribution technology that sends and verifies the delivery of listings to print or online advertising destinations. It drastically reduces the labor needed to distribute listings by providing technology to automatically resize photographs to meet the needs of different ad venues and by creating quality assurance snapshots of each destination venue. It can even watermark photographs for additional listing security. The result is a higher quality listing presentation at the destination site, and more interest by agents and consumers in the property.

DotHomeSM distributes listings automatically to all the popular online marketing venues including craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, and Google Base, and will add syndication, result reporting, and quality assurance to any advertising venue its users request. DotHomesm supports custom web, HTML (for sites such as craigslist) and mobile (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) skins, so any design professional can create new DotHomeSM designs for their clients, while leveraging all display capabilities of the DotHomeSM platform. DotHomeSM can also automatically upgrade online venues to featured products and distribute content to print venues such as local newspapers and signage providers.

The most important feature of DotHomeSM is its patent pending ability to correlate the reach, frequency, and impressions of advertising to real showing activity, relieving agents and brokers from the task of collecting lead data for each individual showing. DotHomeSM accomplishes this through a complex non-linear regression mathematical model.

The resulting value is called Listing AdPower™. Listing AdPower™ tells an agent or brokerage how effective their marketing is at generating showings, and ultimately the return on their marketing investment. Using this feature, agents and brokerages can setup advertising programs to automatically rotate advertising venues, and even mix photos for individual listings, all while staying within a monthly or annual budget.

DotHomeSM is licensed in three different models: Free, Plus and Professional.

About LeapRE

LEAP Real Estate Systems, LLC, is an innovative Chicago-based technology company specializing in powerful solutions for top performing real estate agents and brokerages. Products and services include: LeapRE™ Software (, PeekaCity (, Best Floorplans™ (, Photo FloorplanSM and DotHomeSM (

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