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2011-04-05 02:24:43

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Already, even months before all the new hospitals and clinics are scheduled to open, the neighborhoods near Medical City are beginning to see the signs of things to come.  In East Park, for example, you will find previously foreclosed or bank owned properties being sold to new couples and families, and many of these new owners can be seen wearing their medical scrubs and hospital attire. 

Visit the nearby Publix between 5 & 7 pm and you are sure to find someone shopping for dinner wearing their medical outfit, and this is occurring before the large complexes have even opened or begun staffing or hiring!

The 32832 ZIP code had a 26 month supply of unsold homes in 2009, while today it has 7 months supply.  It appears this area of Orlando may be the first to see a rebound in housing due directly to the impact of medical city employees moving to the area. 



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