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2010-07-27 21:32:36

9 Killer Content Creation ideas for your Real Estate Blog or Website

What’s the number 1 absolute best way to get more organic traffic to your real estate blog, website or lead capture pages...
CONTENT CREATION (“But, what on earth am I Supposed to be writing about (or video’ing), and how will it get me business?”)
Don’t Worry — It’s Not Your Fault That You Don’t Know What Kind Of Content To Create, It’s YOUR BROKER’S For NOT GRABBING YOU AND SHAKING A NICHE OUT OF YOU! 
Here’s the thing: 99 out of 100 Real Estate brokers out there are just plain ignorant or willfully blind to this next point - If everybody in your office was mandated to create just 1 piece of targeted, niche focused content per week (or even better per business day!), your office could surely dominate the local marketplace in a short time.
We’ve talked about this concept a number of times before on notably, when a few months ago, we detailed a plan for how this might work, called the 2010 Real Estate Broker Market Domination Plan. The plan itself lays out a strategy for how you might go about creating an architecture for leveraging agent created content to zoom the GCI of your office or team, but it doesn’t go too much into specifics about what kind of content you might create.
So here’s a list of possible topics you and your team might be contributing to a central real estate blog monster site on a regular basis.
9 Killer “Niche Content Creation” Ideas For Real Estate Agents & Brokers
Before you read the rest of this, imagine that you have 1 person on your team assigned to one of these ideas, with the requirement that they deliver the related content to (the site you own) on a regular basis. (Or if you are a single person shop simply pick one or more and make it your job to create one piece of content for your real estate blog or website each and every day!)
1.       Weekly Market Update – Take a 5 Minute Video (or Screencast) Interpreting Data From Your MLS and the general mood amongst buyers and agents in order to deliver a public update on the state of the local real estate marketplace
2.       Daily/Weekly Transaction Report – Cut and Paste the Reported Transactions from Your MLS. (Trust us, this will garner lots of organic traffic especially long tail stuff related to property addresses in your area.) Be sure to include “Real Estate Sales Transactions” in the title of each post, wherever you are, people are searching those keywords.
3.       Restaurant Of The Week – Want to charm the pants off of a local restaurant owner and provide a valuable resource for folks relocating to your area? Do a restaurant review once a week… and be sure to include a picture of your dish and why you loved it so much. Chances are good that expecially for smaller restaurants and markets, your post will rank organically for people doing a direct search of the restaurant name.
4.       Business Of The Week – Same of the restaurant idea, recommend doing actual video tours of each biz, highlighting the coolest service/product to buy from the place. (Can you see this helping you gain Top Of Mind status with the local business owner, then a bunch of referrals as he talks you up to other patrons?)
5.       Local Dog Parks – Psst… People moving to your area with pets are going to do a search engine search for dog parks in the area. Talk about a non-competitive keyword! (York Pa Dog Parks) WOOF!
6.       “Where In (Insert Your Area Here)?” - Take a random photo of a person, place, or thing in your area and post it to your site. Offer a prize to the first reader who guesses what the picture is. (Be sure to offer an email signup for folks to receive your latest pics so they can be one of the first to take a guess.) [Example of this in action here]
7.       Weekly Neighborhood News Update – Give each agent in your office an assigned neighborhood, require a piece of hyper local content. Run with this for a month and see what happens to your recruiting/retention efforts.
8.       Resident Interviews – Interview someone in your area. Ask them what they like about their town. What they like to do. Where the best places to get a little tipsy are. Stuff like that. (What an easy way to generate spiderable content that’s interesting to onlookers!)
9.       “Contract Chronicles” – Grab a clause from one of your real estate forms and tear it to pieces. A nice way to demonstrate competence while creating content that’s sure to be indexed and searched. (If you don’t already have an article and a downloadable copy of the standard “Residential Lease” for your state on your website, do this now!
There are a ton more ideas out there but this is a great start and should give you more than enough to get the ball rolling.
Here’s the thing, the content you created today will most likely = traffic to your website tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and probably years and years for now.
Repeat: If you invest a few minutes creating content for your website today, it’ll pay off for years to come.
Repeat: If you get 20-50-100 agents in your office each investing a few minutes a week to create content, it’ll pay off for years to come, help you establish local market dominance, (and make your website the most valuable asset your business has… Honestly, that piece of cyberspace could be worth 6 figures a year from now if you play it right)

Josh Schoenly & Ryan Hartman are co-owners of ReTechulous, LLC and are lead generation junkies. You can get immediate access to 10 real estate lead generation systems, trainings & more for free by visiting their well "liked" Facebook Fanpage at:

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